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Budget Prewedding Shoot in Santorini

I have been keeping this post for very long because I don’t want to reveal all the pictures so early… So I am so happy that today I will be sharing with you some of my prewedding pictures in Santorini yay!!!!!!!!! I always think, I would need 10-20 thousand just to have my prewedding shoot taken in Santorini or anywhere in the Europe excluding the travelling cost (accommodation, transport & food). Do you think the same too huh? Santorini is every couples dream country to visit especially for honeymoon or wedding. It is of course our dream too to visit Santorini but it’s not easy to be able to fly over (at least that’s what I thought initially) especially it is very pricey to have a holiday there not to mention shooting prewedding photo in Santorini. It would cost a bomb to hire photographer and bring them over to Santorini. Our initial plan is to have our honeymoon in USA, took our prewedding photo in KL (we did actually) and then take our prewedding picture ourself as we travel around USA because to hire photographer from Malaysia and fly them over is totally out of our budget and to hire local photographer in USA is not any cheaper either….

I always think, I would need 10-20 thousand just to have my prewedding shoot taken in Santorini.


Before I go into details of the photoshoot, you might wonder why we do honeymoon before wedding right? It should be after?? Here’s the logic… In order for us to spend freely without any worries we chose to spend our saving on honeymoon first and also at the same time can have our prewedding shoot in the country we plan to visit… You know, if you do it after the wedding usually what happens is you spend most of your money decorating the house and thus delaying the honeymoon till forever…… Whenever thinking of honeymoon all you think about oh we better keep it for the house.. Worst is where there is an unexpected accident happens (got pregnant), kiss goodbye your Honeymoon hahhaha… Aside of that, it will also enable you save up more as both honeymoon and prewedding shoot is done at the same time. Imagine you already spend about RM 5000 for local prewedding shoot, all you need is to top up another ten thousand you can have your honeymoon and prewedding shoot in Santorini. Yes a total of RM 15k…. Don’t believe me? Read on….

Back to earlier where we stop…yes initial plan was to go to USA not Europe. Sadly the US Dollar currency has hike up to the highest rate in history and we feel it is not worth to travel to USA in such situation. So we thought, let’s go to Europe. We did not put Europe in first choice is because I already went to Europe before but at that time Europe currency rate was pretty good so yes let’s fly to Europe…. Also as I was searching info for Santorini, it just cross my mind to search also for the cost to hire local photographer for the prewedding shoot to see if their price are more affordable…..

We are really blessed.. …After searching for days, I found a very nice photographer who offer a very affordable package that are within our budget. So i thought why trouble ourself to take our own prewedding picture if we can hire someone who can take nice picture at an affordable price? Moreover we have to depend on bus/ train and walk alot travelling in Europe unlike USA where we plan to rent a car. Carrying a tripod around is not easy, not to mention find best angle for the shoot with tourist passing by constantly ain’t a easy task. We did also took a few session of self portrait during our trip for prewedding which we will share in another post.

I found a very nice photographer who offer a very affordable package that are within our budget.

So we got Kristo from Studio Kristo to shoot our prewedding photos. I love his friendliness and happy character. When we first discuss in email it was really great… He response really fast. The longest he took to reply is probable 2-3days max. We discuss a lot in email and he really give his 100% commitment….

IMG_2561 Kristo always with big smile!

At Studio Kristo it only cost Euro 400 to have a 4hour photoshoot in Santorini. I search many other local photographer it cost minimum of 200-300 Euros for 1hour photoshoot. Now let’s make a rough calculation for Honeymoon 1 week in Athens & Santorini + Prewedding photoshoot in Santorini.

Accommodation: Euro 50-60 per night
Food: Euro 20-35 for 2 pax (budget eating slouvakis/gyros and self cook) | Euro 100 – 160 for 2 pax (eating in restaurant)
Transport:Euro 300 – 400 for 4 days in Santorini and Metro Euro 20 (to Athens town and then you can walk around)
Prewedding Photoshoot In Santorini: Euro 400 for 4hour shoot
Gown Rental: MYR 500 – 1000 per gown rental
Flight to Greece: MYR 2000- 3000
Subtotal (Euro): 50(7)+30(7) +300 +20 + 400 = Euro 1280 (2 pax) = MYR 5120
Subtotal (MYR): 500 (3) + 2500 (2pax) = 6500
Grand Total: MYR 11620 for 2 pax

So if you go for medium budget (no hostel staying and eat decent food) you only need about: MYR 11620 for 2 pax and only RM 5810, it’s way below MYR 15k unbelievable!! If you want more budget you can always opt for more budget accommodation and cook your on meal. Many people spend MYR 4-5k just travelling to Taiwan/ Korea/ Australia and with additional RM 1k you can fly to Santorini. Imagine if you take prewedding photo in KL it also will cost you around MYR 4 – 5, by just topping up 6-7k (about MYR 3-4k per pax) you get to spend your Honeymoon in Santorini. It’s seriously affordable!!!!!!!! You can start saving for your romantic honeymoon plus prewedding shoot in Santorini.

*p/s: I told Kristo about my blog and he is so kind to offer some discount for my reader. Just mention Cindy’s Planet if you plan to engage Studio Kristo for the the Prewedding shoot in Santorini and he will offer you a best price for being my reader.

We suppose to meet up at our hotel a day before the photoshoot to finalize some details on the photoshoot. We ask if he could pick us up from the airport since we arrive late and he will be meeting us anyway.. We were so happy when he agree immediately….. It’s inconvenient and pricey to take cab late at night to hotel hahahha…. When we arrive in hotel, he waited us to settle down the luggage and he also help communicate with the hotel owner on the exact location of the hotel…. It’s really easy to have a local friend beside you when come to this. After we settled down, he sat down and discuss further on the photoshoot… He also inform us the time for meet up and finalise which gown/ suit style we should wear for different location…

We start our first photoshoot at 4pm, because the sun is not that harsh during that time in summer. It’s very sunny during summer in Santorini but it’s not hot because the wind is very breezy but this is during early summer… I heard at the peak of the summer it will really burn your skin. We were very happy with how he took our picture with patient and calm. He made us feel very comfortable and doesn’t feel like taking picture with a stranger. It’s so difference compare to our photographer for prewedding shoot in KL. Kristo is very easy going and he doesn’t require many shot. Just a few and we are done. He always carries a big smile which make us feel cheerful all the time… He make us feel really comfortable that we did not feel any stress posing at all… We just feel like we are visiting the place on our own while Kristo secretly capture our pictures… It’s just so comfortable having the photoshoot session with Kristo.

So here are a sneak peek of some of our preweeding photo taken in Santorini. I am keeping the rest till my wedding day. ><

Kristo is very easy going and he doesn’t require many shot.

Seriously love the blue sky and the posing of this photo.. It tells a lot of story really… I feel so blessed to have Thomas in my life!!


This blue sea view is magnificent.. I love that he include some landscape picture instead of just focusing on us.


This is another of my favourite shot, it show how much Thomas care about me and that I love being with him every moment….


We also had a casual shot in Oia, one of the most beautiful sunset in the world.. Too beautiful…


and here is some of his other creation for his other client I found on his website…








So here is the details of my package offered by him:

clip_image001· Silver Package
· 3 hours photography
· 2 Locations
· Pre meeting with the photographer
· Pictures burnt on DVD with permissions to print and copy
· Up to 25 Edited Files (black and white, sepia, etc.)
· All original & edited images in DVDs
· Hotel pick up service and transportation with air-conditioned vehicle.
· Cost: € 400 (Euros) on Jun 2015 might have increased the price now
* Disclaimer: Need a small favour from you guys, if you are engaging him for photoshoot please tell him that you got the info from my blog so that he knows that it was recommended by me and I will be able to earn a small commision from him. If you would like to mention cindysplanet that would be awesome(love you guys for that) if not it’s ok also as he will still charge you the same price but do not give me commission. All commision earned will be used to fund upgrading of this blog and also to buy equipment used to create content for this blog. Thank you in advance for your support.

Alright guys I am going to sign off now.. I can’t wait for my big day to come.. I have just print my invitation card and done some DIY wedding decors… So excited.. See you guys in the next post.

For more info please visit below link

Official Website:
Email: [email protected]
Contact No: (+30) 6986984670

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