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Milani Illuminating Face Powder Review Perfect for Summer

Good daysss girls… Summer is here but well in Malaysia I get summer all year long…. For some of you who live in four season country you are dying to see the sun finally came out right? I think summer is the great time to add some glow to your face so when the sun shine through your face it will reflect a natural radiant glow on your face all ready for some summer fun!!  Today I am going to review Milani Face Illuminating Powder. I got this from my beauty swap from Te Aki Moore New Zealand. I fell in love with the beautiful roses carving on the powder, how could one resist?? Could you?
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This beauty is an ultra-smooth, multi-colour blush, bronzer & highlighter. It gives skin a hint of colour with a lit-from-within radiant healthy glow. It’s suitable for all skin types and tones (yes even for yellow/ warm tone skin). You can mix all the colour together to swipe on your face or just move you brush over to the warmer tone side to get a different colour combination! 
Milani illuminating Powder6

Product Info

Product Name : Milani Illuminating Face Powder
Net Weight : 0.35 ounces / 10 grams
Price : USD 8.99
Where to Buy : Milani Store (USA) & Milani Website (International)
Skin Tone : All skin tone
Shades: 01-Amber Nectar (Natural Coral pearl) 02-Hermosa Rose (Natural Tan Pearl) 03-Beauty’s Touch (Pink Pearl)

This beautiful powder comes in three shades which is 01-Amber Nectar 02-Hermosa Rose 03-Beauty’s Touch. I got myself the Amber Nectar because I love to have something in peach or coral tone as most of my blusher are in pink or nude shade. The Hermosa Rose are more towards nude or earthy tone while Beauty’s Touch is a sweet frosty pink.

Here are the swatches of these three illuminating powder I got from Google…

Main Ingredient
Talc, Triethylhexanoin, Dimethicone, Magnesium Myristate, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Sorbic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Alumina, Disodium Edta, Tin Oxide, Barium Sulfate, Rosin, Phenoxyethanol.
This come in a thick brittle see-through plastic lid with gold base. I love that the lid is able to see through because that’s the reason why I get this powder… The rose pattern of the powder can be seen even the plastic lid is closed…The plastic lid has smooth and glass like finishing but it’s hollow…So if you drop it or anything solid drop on top, I pretty sure it will crack…. Well, with good care I think that shouldn’t be a problem.
Milani illuminating Powder5The beauty under the lid….

The gold base match the powder colour very well..It look very classic and graceful tooo… It kind of form a gold circular border that wrap the beautiful roses together!!

Milani illuminating Powder7

At the back, it has a simple instruction on how you can apply the powder which can be handy if you forgotten the area to highlight (sometime it happen when i did not use the product for quite some time)….. Well I think the picture guide is useless to me because I love this powder so much that I can’t live a day without it… You shall read why later on!

Milani illuminating Powder8

Texture, Colour & Scent
I feel it can be chalky when I run through my finger to do the swatch but if I pick it up using brush and swipe it on my face it’s not chalky at all and pretty smooth on skin I’d say!! Anyway I don’t recommend you to use your finger for this application!! Brush is the way to go! 
I love this coral-ish colour but I feel it has more peach slightly lean to earth tone then the bright coral tone…. The colour look very natural on me and the staying power is pretty good….When I sweat for whole day the powder still left a bit on my face but off course as pigment as first apply.It does not has any shimmer but under the sun especially the powder give a very natural flush glow on my skin!
Milani4When swatch on bare skin the colour cant barely see so I actually put three swipe using finder and add contrast in this pic!
As for the scent, it has those earthy scent if you sniff closely..but i smell nothing when I apply it on my face!!
How to use
Below is a simple guide on how to apply this powder…

In addition, below are some of the colour combination I like to make for different function!

Milani illuminating Powder7

Milani illuminating Powder12This is using the A combo for radiant glow + Bobbi Brown Bronzer for Contouring!
Milani illuminating Powder4Using the B combo for blusher, by swiping it on top of a natural pink blusher…
Milani5Using C for nose bride and A combo for overall face glow! ( I am using a warm tone BB cream here the other are the similar foundation)

Milani6Using A combo as contour + B combo on top of ELF Sweet Hot Pink Blusher
Cindy’s Thought
I love love love this rose illuminating powder… First is definitely the rose pattern of the powder… It’s just too pretty to even touch on it!!! Honestly, I got this few months back but every time I end up looking at it “awww so pretty” and put it back to the drawer and use my other powder…. How can I ruin the rose right?? But hey the roses are for my face!! So i decided, just swipe it on my face and I immediately fell in love this powder and never uses my another highlighting powder anymore!!
It gave a very natural glow and slight flush to my skin which I like it so much… It make my whole face look so dewy and three dimension too!!! The colour is not too sweet or warm you can use it for every day look!! The fact that it does not contain shimmer it does not over do the whole thing!!
This multipurpose powder is great if your are going for beach holiday!! Just bring one instead of three different item (blusher, highlighter, bronzer). One thing though the colour is not tan enough if your are looking for warm bronzer for tanning, may be the Hermosa Rose shade can do tanning job better! 
One set back is, it is not available in most country that includes Malaysia… So if your country does not have Milani store you can buy online with your friends to share the shipping… I just purchase those Limited Edition Milani Rose Powder Blush!! They are so so beautiful!! guess what??? Me and my girls got a few extra for upcoming International giveaway!!! Who want it??? Leave a comment below and you might be one of the winner of my upcoming giveaway!!! So stay tune on next week post for that awesome giveaway!! Here is the sneak peak of the secret giveaway! 
Conclusion & Rating

So don’t forget to stay tune to my post next week!!! So long for now..muackssss



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