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LePetit Chef KL @ Elements Trec KL

Have you ever go on a Animated 3D Food Journey across the world? It was any exciting experience. Following up on my last experience at the Lounge In The Sky few weeks ago, I was intrigued to check out another Dining Experience The LePetit Chef under the same establishment Elements at Trec KL. I signed up to a fun night following the foot steps of Marco Polo with the World’s Smallest Chef.

LePetit Chef – Marco Polo is a tribute to the journey of Marco Polo’s expeditions. It serves up to 6 International dishes and takes the guest along a culinary journey across 5 different regions. The unparalleled 3D show is full of fun and surprises. Engage in a 5 senses spectacle as they savor the tastes of the story along with its sights, sounds, and aromas.

I went with the Marco Polo’s Journey, there’s 3 other package that you can choose from like Marco Polo’s Expedition, Marco Polo’s Around the World and Marco Polo’s Kid’s Adventure. There also beverage packages, For full info do check out this link.

Before I go into details of the journey, I just like to highlight the excelent customer service of LePetit Chef KL’s staff. They emailed us a few days ahead to inform us to be on time to avoid missing any of the screening. On the day they even WhatApps me to inform that Jalan Tun Razak is very jam so she advise me to come earlier. Nearing the dinner time, she also text to check on my arrival time. Wow guys, this is top notch customer service. Good job LePetite Chef KL team.


The expedition begin with a beatiful story book flip from one page to another to share the stories of LePetit chef in France. Right after that we begin out first dish of the journey, Pacific Oyster Cream and Fourme d’Ambert, toasted walnut brioche, honeycomb. I must say the oyster cream is filled with flavour of oyster and incedibly smooth. A very great starter.


We then begin the cross the ocean to out first region, the Middle Eastern.

My senses begin to be pique from this course onwards. To be honest I am rather nervous because I am not a intense spice explorer. Suprisingly, I did enjoy the Marinated Lamb dip in the pomegrante & yoghurt dip. A very refreshing and flavourful dish.

The charcoal roasted beetroot with chickpea hummus, parley, feta cheese is a great filling for the pita bread. I also stuff the pita bread with the extremely crispy smoked duck. This is the best smoked duck ever. I want all smoke duck to be prepared this way from now on!


We then flew to India. Here, the LePetit Chef is burried with mountains of spices!

That small piece of cake was actually Polos Salmon with green pea masala, curry leaf and spicy shallot. This one is quite good because I do enjoy curry flavour. The Rasam with green lentil, mint leaf, deep fried sweet neem leaves is a drink to cleanse your palate; a little sourish and salty. Drinkable but not my pick. mmmm the Rice Idli tasted like “kuih” then rice to me.

I guess because I seldom take Indian food so it’s like how we expect it, this is our least favourite not because the food is not good but because we are not into Indian food. This course is definitely a challenge to my tastebud.


LePetit Chef riding on the bird then brings us to the top of Mount Everest in Himalayan. Flying cross snowy mountain!

Ohhhh this is the most fun course ever!!!! The Raspbery Sorbet come in a jar with a few Dome shaped hole where we then pour the orange liquid into it and the smokes evaporate from the bottom of the jar! Such a magical sorbet!!

The Sorbet is layered with kaffir lime soda & lime jelly. So refreshing and very very delicious!


Continuing our journey we reach China. One of my favourite region for food!!!

This is my favourite animation too. It’s so colourful and seeing the petit chef swllowing pau and biting apple is too adorable.

As I read the menu, there’s Monkey Ear’s Mushroom and I keep imagining how it look like. When the dish arrived, I seriously though the yellow slightly charred piece were the mushroom. I was wrong. The corn fed chicken is plate in two different shape and style. On the side it comes with charred skin and the middle were sliced with pure flesh.

The candied ginger is quite fun to have along and  the flat rice noodle at the bottom has a really good flavour combination. Crispy lotus root also good combo to this dish.


The last course will be dessert from non other than where LePetit Chef originated from FRANCE. We flew all the way back and the chef made Tonka Crème Brulee right infront of. This part of the animation is very fun to watch. Seeing the tiny chef carry big bottle of milk is rather cute.

The Crème Brulee did not disappoint. It’s the best I’ve ever had! The top lsyer is so cripy and taste so good… The burnt layer is done just RIGHT!! Ahhhh just too good…

I wish it was the entire bowl, but underneath it hidden the chocolate mousse with blackberry and freeze dried orange.

We really enjoyed the whole course and had so much fun watching the cute LePetit Chef in action. Flying across the globe to explore different flavours is trully an amazing experience.

The Le Petit Chef is a great choice is you are celebrating special ocassion like birthday or annivesary. It’s also suitable for group party or events. They have seating of 2, 4 and even 6. For more info please checkout their official website. You can also checkout my instastoris for our live experience that night.

Le Petit Chef KL


H-G-11, TREC ,

438, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

The nearest entrance is Gate 3 (Near Jupiter). 

Contact No: +603-22826413



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