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Hearty Golden Studs

Lately, I have been falling in love with studs..I know I am a bit slow but don’t scold me…I am not a hard-core in fashion and I’m not so into punk rock style! I saw this dress from Asos a month ago and it caught my eyes… I love the studs on it that are not too much and the dress still give a sweet and girly feeling… Furthermore it is on 70% sales which cost about RM 80?

Here is the link to the dress, apparently it sold out! Hopefully they will restock it real soon!
Ginger Fizz Prom Dress with Heart Bodice

Dress – Ginger Fizz, by Asos
Heel – Payless
Clutch – Random shop in Fahrenheit

I did a slightly purplelish with sparkling gold in the inner corner eye makeup for that night…Not too Smokey and heavy because I don’t want my eyes to steal the dress limelight!

New Year25

Close up of my eyes…

Golden purple

Taken these picture on a roof top few days ago during new year eve!!! If you look at it closely, the studs actually made up to a heart shape at the bodice of the dress which made the whole dress look so sweet!!!!!!!!! The key highlight of this dress is the opening in the centre of the dress!! That sure add some sexy element in the dresss…..I love the detailing in this dress but extra care is needed for the centre opening as your body can be exposed easily.. A fitted and good support nu bra is a must for this dress! To be honest this is one of the most sexy dress I own so far..


Being a plusize I don’t have confidence to expose too much of my skin!! This dress was perfect for me as it flattered my body yet keep it look sexy on me… Lately I have been using #cindypluslook a lot because I love other girls who are plus size like me especially Asian to know they can dress prettily like what other petite or thin girls do too/. Just have to pay attention on the style and design you chose and yes the fabric is a very crucial factor to consider!

New Year30

I totally forget to take picture of the back, so i show you the picture of the model instead!!! It’s a sexy back if you see on the side is actually a few strip of elastic that is enclosed together. The back is completed with a heart shape pattern in the middle too…

imageSexy Back!

Oh I even found a studs bag in Fahrenheit which cost only RM 39.90 after discount.. Instead of the usual black, white or nude colour this is in Navy Blue…Hehhe my fav colour indeed!! It comes with a golden chain too so you can hang on my shoulder!

New Year31Navy Stud Clutch

You know I love to buy suede leather heel because they are so kind to my feet…The make my feet feel comfortable and won’t cut my skin! I got this at Payless for buy 1 free 1 promo which cost less than RM 50..

New Year32

What did you wear for your new year eve?? How did you celebrate it? Mine was a blast and will sure update about it soon!



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