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Hennessy Artistry 2013

Hello gorgeous ladies and handsome guy….Not sure if all of you are on long holiday but if you do I wish you happpppyyy holiday ya…As for me, I will stuck in office having Monday Blues! Any of you having same faith like me?? That is why you should read my post today to unwind a lil with all the gorgeous girl picture I am going to post here!!!!!

I was there rather early even before the main arena was opened…I am afraid I am late but well most people arrived at 10ish and I kinda regret to arrive so early…It’s good too actually because it’s easier to get parking if you came early!!

Just like anyone else the first thing to do is snap a picture with HENESSY word!!! I bet 9 of 10 girls will do that and that includes me!LOL

Henessy Artistry1

So that night I wear black from my eyes to my earing, dress and heel all in black!! BUTT my lips are in bold dark lipstick which is my new love currently!!!

Henessy Artistry2Dip Hem Black Dress with Embellishment from Pink N’ Proper
imageThe Antipodes Hungry Like a Wolf Bloody Red lipstick is really pretty!!

Henessy Artistry28With flash the red still look soft and subtle too!! It match my skin tone really well!

Saw Julie Woon & Zher on red carpet…OMG their dresses is so gorgeous and sexy!!!!!!!!!! Both of them launch the opening of the main arena!

Henessy Artistry3

Henessy Artistry36The mixing area

When we enter the main arena there is this Fotobox booth on our way to the main stage. I think this is the most beautiful Fotobox booth design I ever seen. The huge Hennessy Bottle with LED light catches every one who passed by it!! The queue is so long darn long.. actually there is another Fotobox booth at the mixing area or waiting zone.

p/s: I think Fotobox should print a few more pictures rather than just two copies.

Henessy Artistry5The Uber Cool Hennessy Fotobox Booth

Some of the pica taken at FotoBox!



While I was queuing at the Fotobox booth, I saw this “camera helicopter” flying left and right recording every moment which I find pretty cool! One strange thing is every time this camera fly passed my head there is this strong breezy wind blow through my head…no idea why…

DSC07105Flying Camera Helicopter!
Julie & Zher opening Hennessy Artistry 2013 and welcome the first performer of the night NS Yoon-G.
Henessy Artistry14
The first performer of the night was NS Yoon-G, I am not a fan of K-Pop but her song and dance was good that night.
Henessy Artistry15NS Yoon-G cute dancing post…


DSC07037Beautiful Lights, still quite empty at 9++

Soon after Neon Hitch in a very cute costume were set to get the crowd high up! Her vocal performance was amazing!

Henessy Artistry24Neon Hitch with her dancer!

I love her costume and her dancer were all so cute!!! More and more people arrived and finally can see empty table filled up. People start drinking more and more…

Henessy Artistry26Drink, Drink, Drink!
Henessy Artistry34Beautiful lights when progressive house guru Dmitry KO is performing!
Henessy Artistry33Jochen Miller bringing some really happening Tranz beat!
Henessy Artistry32People getting high, dancing and swinging hand high up!!
More pictures with all my gorgeous babes!
Henessy Artistry6with Michelle & Vivien
Henessy Artistry10with Michelle again because her purple dress and color earing are so pretty!
Henessy Artistry11with Michelle & Choulyin
Henessy Artistry12with Yukiko & Choulyin
Henessy Artistry13with Frankie & Michelle
Henessy Artistry18with Charmaine & her BF as photobomb!
Henessy Artistry21with Yeeing & Michelle
Henessy Artistry27with Joanna. The lighting is so pretty in this pic!
Henessy Artistry30with Kah Mon & Charmaine
Henessy Artistry35_副本with Sharon, only bumped into her when I am about to leave!
Henessy Artistry31with Hui Min, Kah Mon, Charmaine, Sherlyn & Choulyin

I had fun drinking, snapping picture and dancing with my friends but it could be better if there is more crowd! I think perhaps the space is too huge same like Sepang…

Thanks to Manoah for this amazing invites to Hennessy Artistry!


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