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[GIVEAWAY] Go Burger Kitchen @ Setia Walk , Puchong

 **** Updates Thank you my lovely ready for participating…. So we have a winner and the winner is…… Ai Jene and to those who did not win don’t be sad as you will still be entitled to 10% discount on all order in GBK so go and try out the burgers okay? I will be sending the email for the discount redemption shortly. Oh there are more giveaway coming up who knows you might be the winner in the upcoming Giveaway!! Just continue to read my blog!!

So my dear lovely readers, yesterday is Catra’s birthday oh!! So I’m gonna officiate my first Blogssary Giveaway, let me present you the GBK Free Burger Giveaway. Grand Winner will be selected randomly using the Rafflecopter app! Though only grand winner get a Free Burger Set of his/her preference, but I hope everyone would join the giveaway…As everyone gets 10% off by joining this giveaway because I love all of you!!! Before you move on to the the task, let me me show you what GBK has got to offer alright?? The giveaway tab is just at the bottom of this post!! Do Join ok????

Well well well, it’s another week for yet another Burger adventure and while TGIF as some would put it, we head on down to the latest development project in the heart of Puchong called Setia Walk. Many prominent F&B names have begun to take root and some are following suit, giving it another point of hangout for many. Ample parking space but given its construction which apparently still ongoing, many routes in the parking and exit is still on locked down that makes the route slightly confusing and hindrance to some.
This week on Foodirector’s Hangout with Bloggers, we head on over to a burger joint called GBK which stands for Go! Burger Kitchen. The sudden inspiration theme from the 90’s TV show, Power Rangers came out of nowhere which could prolly due to the usage of ‘Go!’ that is evident in the earliest theme. Anyhow, we strayed tad far (no pun intended) Haha…

clip_image002The unsuspecting door to delight?

Situated right above ‘Tappers Cafe’, GBK proved to be a surprise to some as taking the elevator up towards the first floor, you’ll be greeting by the fire escape door that would lead to a delightful surprise behind it.

The Interior
The bright red wall colour had definitely caught the attention of many. From a quick glance, the set up is pretty subtle and simple. Given the minimal decorations, most of the items on display are the personal collections of the owner, Rao whom is big fan collector Coca-Cola (Hence the decorated colours of red). They have chandelier lighting dangling on the ceiling create more classic feeling to the restaurant.

clip_image004The Lively Red

The bright urban setting with country songs playing in the background that brings the similar experience with the local burger in the States.

clip_image006The wall of decors

The condiments are placed on the side for easy access along with serviettes. Among the regular sauces, we spotted GBK’s Mild Mustard sauce. Strangely the mustard is indeed mild but there is a slight hint of the pungent which is ideal for those that don’t take mustard but want to try it out.

clip_image008The sauces
Its simplistic furniture that comprises of the wooden table and chair, gives very similar outlook to garden furniture.
clip_image010The dining area for big group family.

They have two (2) separate sections which is the indoor and outdoor section for those who want to have some fresh air while having their burgers or perhaps to chill outside.

clip_image012The exterior

The colourful chalk menu certainly made an impression and seems to be a trend lately on many other joints. However this chalked up just faired as normal as others. If there is some interesting picture of subjects, it will definitely stand out among the rest.

clip_image014The Chalked-up Menu

The Introduction
Rao of GBK had gracious introduced what is GBK all about and what are their current directions. They have been opened for about a month now. They have conducted survey on what people want for burger prior weeks before opening and most of the items in their menu are what people preferred choices. Till to date, they have change about 80% of the recipe since opening due to adapting to general preference on flavour and constantly improving on it with the given feedbacks from customers. Emphasizing on healthy eating, majority of its ingredients are said to be organic although in a fast food joint. He had further commented on the simple decor is due to budget issues hence they use chalk to draw all over the places. Another task which GBK are currently aiming, go mobile van and the area of interest is SS15. It is expected to get started prolly in July but everything is still under wraps.

clip_image016Rao, The Owner

The Feasting
After the explanations, orders were taken from all rounds across the table. Looks like a big orders coming right up.
The main criteria of this ‘ Hungry Hog ’ burger that would fit many pork lovers out there, is the double 4oz pork patty. The patty texture is solid and surprisingly tender enough not to crumble while the flavour of salted and peppery taste (attributed to lots of pepper corn) is seared in well, retaining its moisture.

clip_image018The Hungry Hog, RM 25.00
However the supposed fries that came along was slightly over fried and the potato texture is left with crisp.

**Updates GBK has jus updated that they have change their fries recipe to Curry Leaf Salt Fries. Let me know how it taste if you have tried it ok.

clip_image020The Fries

Following up we have the ‘ Swiss Piggy ’. The patty is organic pork that is topped with Swiss cheese along the sautéed mushroom with pepper corn and grilled onions. The charcoal bun is soft enough for a decent bite. While leaving el natural with its juices, it’s slightly dry which prolly due to the moisture evaporation during the interval minutes of serving.

clip_image022Swiss Piggy, RM 20.00

Similarly we also had the ‘ Go! Swiss ’ which difference in preparation is that the patty is Australian grass fed beef (The patty texture is tender) and topped caramelized onions along with the sautéed mushroom with pepper corn.

imageGo Swiss, RM 20.00

Nope, it’s not entirely green and hideous. Well there is greens and its pretty decent looking burger. ‘ The Goblin ’ comes with a 5oz beef patty which is then topped with grilled beef bacon, and subsequently adding in the greens which is comprised of the cream mustard spinach. The juiciness from the cream mustard spinach infused along the patty’s juices that go harmonious with each other while retaining its intended flavour. It’s definitely a good pair to balance off the patty with the bacon along with the greens.

clip_image024The Goblin, RM 27.00

The Goblin is still in trial run and if you order any burger from the “ Trial Board “, you get a 40% off! And if the feedback is good these burger will move on to the Successor Board which will be available permanently.


Trial Board

Another mighty awesome burger from the Trial Board that we would really love it to move to the Successor Board. Named ‘ Das Nürnberger ’ which comes with the Nürnberger sausage (in a swirling mode, super unique!) as the patty, topped with grilled onions and double cheese, laced with Dijon mustard to give the slight pungent taste to it. The sausage texture is solid but tender enough to bite and flavour is great as most of its juices are retain inside the sausage. This is a definite must try.

clip_image026Das Nürnberger, RM 35.00
A quick view on how the onion gets grilled and at the same time, how the cheese melted just right onto the patty sausage.

clip_image028Das Nürnberger being charred

Here’s a snippet of Rao being on the job to ensure the quality of the burgers is regulated and maintained during service.

clip_image030Rao on the job

The next burger on order is the ‘ El Chorizo ’. On regular basis chorizo is salty due to seasoning with the smoked pimentón (paprika) and salt, but with the combination of the nacho, does make a significant difference as the nacho is slightly towards the bland side which compliment the chorizo and thus unified the flavour as the burger. There is a dash salsa sauce which is slightly spicy. It didn’t agree with my tastebud as not a big fan of salsa but definitely for salsa lover, this is one for you. So 40% off! Try it before it goes on the Successor Board!

clip_image032El Chorizo, RM 27.00

Giving it go, we continue to try out this, ‘ Go! Chicken ’ burger which is pretty interesting. The soft texture of the chicken patty is surprising as they use the breast part which could tough at times, but with proper method to soften it, it is exquisite.

clip_image034Go! Chicken, RM 18.00

The ingredients is comprised of the lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and topped with caramelized onions. The natural juices from the vegetables topping and the dash of tomato paste compliments the patty.

clip_image036Go! Chicken (Inside)

The Relax Time
Well all those burgers down the chute, everyone is filled to the brim and stuffed. I had taken it slow by getting a cuppa of coffee. The coffee is ordered from Caffeine next door. Just order the coffee from the staff of GBK at the ordering counter, they will order for you from Coffex. Sit down and relax while the coffee being brewed!

clip_image038Coffee Latté

The coffee had certainly invoked certain scent and aroma that entices the person to have more than a sip. The strong aroma stemming from its steaming hot while with the milk froth, the coffee is just heavenly after a great meal or maybe just a casual drink.

After everyone had settled down with stuffed tummy, we have a short feedback session with Rao on the burgers. Some pointers were exchange and straight response was given similarly. In overall, it was a great evening session. Special thanks to Foodirector for organizing this hangout and also Rao of Go! Burger Kitchen for having us to enjoy the burger experience.

G-5-1, SetiaWalk
Persiaran Wawasan.
Pusat Bandar Puchong.
47160 Puchong.
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Official Website: http://goburgerkitchen.com/
Operating Hours: Closed on Monday
                         Tuesday – Friday: 12 pm – 11 pm
                         Saturday: 10 am – 1 am
                         Sunday: 10 am – 9 pm
For reservation or details enquiries, call: [016-3454640]

All feedback has been informed to GBK, and the past whole week they are working real hard to make improvement on their burgers. Hence, why I only do the giveaway after almost a week from my last visit. I will definitely revisit GBK to find out how their burger goes after a week of hard work. So here you go the giveaway app! Start clicking it to complete the task to be on your way for the Free Burger Set of your choice!!

p/s Winner is allowed to select the most expensive Burger on the menu!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

p/s: I’m sorry that this is a non-halal restaurant and muslim reader will not be able to join, worry not more giveaway coming up!! Stay tuned!

1. This campaign is open to all participants residing in Malaysia. Also open to International participant if participant able to claim/ collect the prize at Go Burger Kitchen (GBK).

2. To redeem the 10% discount, kindly register via the app and complete all tasks necessary. Do make sure you key in your valid email address as the 10% discount will be redeem based on your email address.

3. Incomplete entries will be void. ** I will do the cross checking to ensure all entries is completed.

4. Grand Prize Winner will be contacted via e-mail within one week from 16th June 2013.

5. Cindy’s Planet has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the giveaway, subjected to availability of prizes and how the prize will be given/received.

6. 10% discount redemption period is from 24th June to 25th July 2013



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