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Happy Birthday CATRA!!!

Well its second day of Jun and I’m really happy because the month of June mark the 1st year of aka Catra present in the blog world! You might wonder what is Catra? Catra is the name of my planet, it symbolize my love toward Photography (Camera) & Travel (Travel). Hence Ca + Tra = Catra!


From zero follower to fifty follower now and from blogging on my daily life to meeting with blogger friend and attending various event.This one year does makes a huge difference and i had collected lots of unforgettable memories that I cherish a lot….

If it wasn’t you, yes you who continuously render your support on my blog and never get bored reading on my blog, will not be able to be the planet it is now! Many thanks to those who followed and read my blog daily! I promise I’ll keep it up and will post more awesome post, hopefully!!

Not to miss all the Brands, PR company, Blog community who have given so many opportunities to do review, attend events and participate in various contest.

So to extend my thank you to each of you, I have work hard last month to meet up with sponsor and plan a huge giveaway for the whole month of Jun for everyone and a surprise giveaway! Everyone will get a gift! No one will be leaving my blog without a gift. Yes for boys and girls!!!! Its that little something that i could do to rewards you for following and reading my blog!


I’m not gonna tell you which day I’m going to post up the giveaway. So you will have to keep a look out on my blog update every morning! So again THANK YOU….

Oh if you want more giveaway drop me a comment!!! More comment more giveaway!!

Sorry for the wordy post. It’s all came truly from my heart! Lot’s of love!



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