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Spa Party with Butterflies

This week is rather a sad week for me… I fell without any knowing I am going to fall… Just like that, my bum seated on the floor of a restaurant. Embarrassed enough, I stand up and walk out with a speed of lightning… I felt pain on my nerves but never thought it became so serious when I reach office. My leg swell like a pig leg…and so because of that I have no access to seafood, beans and all the awesome drinks… Some of my plan in that week is cancelled because of my condition. So it’s really a very depressing week for me..


I wait patiently for my Mr Rainbow to show up so my dark knight will be leave soon…. Instead Ms Rainbow showed up but it doesn’t come in 7 colours instead a spread of 63 different shades of eye shadows and lipsticks….This is the greatest new I received! I got the updates on my FB wall while I’m taking cab to Acer party… I felt so helpless trying to chase the cab earlier as I can’t run to stop the taxi. The moment I sat in the cab I felt safe and when I flip my phone to check for updates, this is what I see!


Yes I was too happy and touched to a point that I cried in the cab! Many Thanks to Butterfly Project for choosing me as the Grand Prize Winner and granting my wish list! Through Butterfly Project Butterfly Project, I’ve met with a long friend, Illy Ariffin where we met in forum few years back. Blogging wasn’t that famous at that time, and I have not been active in that forum for quite sometime and if it was not this group I may not have met her in person.

IMG_2567Me & Illy Ariffin at Tammy Birthday Party by Shu Uemura!

Also met with Tammy in person after stalking her blog for quite some time. She is one happy star that never stop smiling and her bubbly personality does makes everyone beside her happy.

Delectable Sue30Mimi, Me & Tammy at Unzipping Party

Tammy is the woman behind this Butterfly Project where she group all the beauty blogger in Malaysia who has the similar passion toward beauty blogging. She design monthly projects for bloggers which let blogger enjoyed and get their hands on various beauty product and share it out loud on their blogs… This is truly an amazing group and Tammy did it so well for the last two project which I also won an invite to Unzipping Party at Delectable Treat collaboration with Bag of Love and Teaffani Tea Party collaboration with Lullabelle Handmade soap. In this two project I met many other gorgeous Butterflies who made awesome videos, creative and inspiring blogpost and fashionista! The list of their names are just too long to be listed. Wanna know who they are? Find out yourself by joining the Butterfly Project if you are a beauty blogger too…


This the main reason I would like to be invited to the Butterfly June Project : Spa Party. How could I not want to meet up with them again after the last two session where we have so much to talk about but time flies… So this Spa Party will be another great chance to spend more time with the Butterflies and Butterfly project are making it big where they will invite 49 Butterflies including me ( I assume I will get invites la… Winking smileWinking smile)! I think I will be able to meet at least another 30 butterflies which I have not met in person this round!!


Oh how nice to be sitting next to each other to be pampered?

So BUTTERFLY PROJECT I WANT THIS INVITES!!!!!!!!! Please give it to me!

If you look at the Facebook Updates of the Ms Rainbow that has visited me, Butterfly Project stated I need to get it during the Spa Party. So this means die die also I need to come up with a blogpost to win the invites right? Tammy if you are reading this, please send me the invites so I can give you a big hug and collect my prizes ok? Obviously this is my second reason why I looooveee to be invited!!!! So dress code is Bath Robe is it? No problem I got it cover!! So just send me the invites k?

DSC00977My sweet bath robe for the upcoming Spa Party!

Wait up for my Spa Party post if I win it la…Then you will know the dress code!

The biggest reason why I want to be at the Spa Party is all the Huge Mega Brands that is participating in this project. Which brand shall I begin with??

Since I love eat, pretty obvious looking at my size isn’t it? What do we have here? Idea Food Selection the main sponsor for our food and drink in the Spa Party. I have not heard about them but after I take a peek on their website, my jaw dropped and saliva is flowing out..slurrppp..


Look at this colourful tiny bites?? Are you drooling over it too?

Ohhh before we grab these bites..being beautify is the best thing girls ever wanted isn’t it??

“A series of brand that will make your skin as soft as a baby (The Johnson & Johnson), beautify your nails (Posh Nail) , organic product to moisturize your skins (The Body Shop), sandals for you to slip on to walk in style comfortably (Havianas, follow Havianas Twitter!), dresses flew all the way from UK that ensure you dress in glam (Pink n’ Proper), and unlimited range of beauty product from Only Beauty, you named it you got it! That’s an Amazing Spa Party isn’t it?”

Spa PartyThe brands that will beautify me this Jun!!


Also there is this mask that most talk about recently! If you were thinking TT Mask, then you are right!! Their mask comes in various colours, scent and different functions!! I would not want to miss the masking session this JUN!!!

imageThe best cooling Mask!!!

Ok when all of us is beautified what we do?? Camwhoring la…With the cute Fotobox, you can snap picture with prop and with awesome frame design!!


Lastly but not least, Tres Chic (the party planner) will ensure the party filled with the most fun, crazy and awesome activity line up the whole day. So i guess it will be all girly and sweet…. I want to be there to take all photos of the lovely decorations….


There are many more reason why I love to be invited and if i write it all here 5 pages will not be sufficient. I do not want to strain Butterfly Project’s founder eyes as she has probable another 200 post to read. So I’ma spare your eyes some time to rest!!

So hope I would be seeing the butterflies this Jun and for those who participating Best of Luck. Those who have not join, hurry up to this link and blog or vlog your way to get an invites!!!

Till then tata…



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