Feeling Happy the Whole Day!

Today must be my Happy Thursday. I am super duper happy and still feel hyperactive at this hour…. I could not sleep before I share with you all why I am so happy!!

It all begins in the morning when I manage to wake up and post my Bcard post! Yes I feel happy whenever I share my thoughts virtually *Make Sure you Read it ok?*


I went to work right away and most of the tough decision made and approved by boss. My project delivery able to make it on time!! Fuuhhh this is relaxing right?? Email is almost clear by lunch time!!

So time to hunt for some nice fashion piece and my corset!! If you followed me closely in Twitter or FB you know I’m planning something really big for this EYES WIDE SHUT ♥ A Sexy CORSET Party ♥. If any of you would like to join this Sexy Party Organized by Corset Me, checkout their FB Event Page. All ladies are welcome to joined and it’s free for all Ladies with lot’s amazing activity arranged for you on the day itself! Comes in you best Corset!! And for guy come in your best Tuxedo and experience a show of Sexy Lady in Corset.


Luck wasn’t on my side this noon…It’s very hard to find a boned structure corset! So I hunt for some new fashion piece for Xmas. Well well well….. H&M my favourite brand is on Holiday Sale!! I got myself a super comfy Colourful Woven Skirt at RM 39.00, a Black Cardigan 3 with 3/4 Sleeve at RM39.00. and finally  a Faded Blue Straight Cut Pants at RM 49.00. Such a bargain! Was really satisfy with my haul today!!


I saw this Maroon Maxi Dress, RM 53.90 as well but not in H&M, in another favourite Boutique  of mine , Mirocle. I have not purchased yet since already buy so many items in H&M. What you girls think? Does it look good? Shall I go grab it tomorrow?


I saw these cute Doraemon on display in Fahrenheit! Sooo adorable…ohh….


Well then I take away Subway for lunch! The guy put so many lettuce and capsicum in it!! Enjoy each bite to the fullest!



Continue to clear my emails and answer calls!! Then it’s already evening! and Thank God the sky is clear!! So rush over to the swimming pool to complete my usual 20 Laps….. Fully satisfied with my timing record for the day!!



Steam bath is best for after swim!!! I put on my Wella Hair Mask to steam together to repair my damaged hair after immersing in a pool of chlorine!

imageSuper clear sky and superb view!!

I meet up with Yuki after that to hunt for our Corset together!! Yuki already got her corset  but I have not! Thanks to Yuki suggestion and advise, I got myself a very classic Dark Navy Blue with Gold Pattern  Corset to pair with my Blue mask!

imageLook at the superfine details!!

We continue with to browse around the mall and finally settled at Starbucks! Redeeming my 20% off BVoucher for any Blended Frappucino!

imageOur Toffee Latte and Peppermint Frappuccino!! Love the peppermint so much!! Sluurrrppp

I met Yuki in LYN Forum for about 1 year pluss I guess..Couldn’t remember..Without realizing we from stranger have become BFF now…You gonna see her alot in my blog!! We chat a lot tonight and had a very good laugh over it!!

imageMe & Yuki Red heartRed heart!!

She is a fan of Cosplay, checkout her awesome costume in her Blog yeah…

When I reach home, homecook food is ready! Supper time with Mum’s cooking!! OMG so blissful and so happy today!!!

So long for now..I hope you all did enjoy your day like I do too…and Happy TGIF yo…I can smell weekend already..Good night!!


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