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Alexis: The Unexpected

My friend Pei Yi come back to Malaysia for her short break from work. She called me up so for a nice dinner together..We drive all the way to the newly open Tanzini. Unfortunately, they are fully booked. The next time I booked one week ahead for Tanzini. Check out my post on Tanzini here

So we drive around Bangsar to look for some nice restaurant for our dinner. Never expected that it will be so tough to find a lace to sit down and have a pleasant dinner. At last we settled down at Alexis, a famous restaurant that well known for it’s Tiramisu.


That night Alexis was packed with diners and waiters is busy attending to diner’s request…

For drink, I had Green Apple Mojito, cool and refreshing.


Grilled Salmon to begin our meal. We loving every single flakes of the salmon, nicely cooked with soy sauce layer on top of the salmon to add more taste to it.


The we order the Burgundy Beef. Totally different from what I imagined!! This one comes in small cubes but it’s soft, tender and the Burgundy gravy is a great companion to the beef. Though the cubes look small but every cubes were beef-solid sufficient to fill my tummy!!


Seafood Marinara, the tomato puree is thick and sour level is just nice. Prawn is succulent and fresh. Same goes to the squids… Perfect!!


Last but not least the Tiramisu. A look of it brings me to desserts heaven, the caramel flakes topping, layer of soft coffee sponge and the thick smooth cream looks all too good. Unfortunately, it does not taste as heavenly as the first look but still fairly good compare to a few other Tiramisu out there. Lack of the dense coffee flavor and the caramel topping and the vanilla ice cream gives my tooth some heavy sweetening treatment!!


Well I thought the Tiramisu would impressed me but I was wrong…Out of my expectation, the main is more impressive that night…


29 Jalan Telawi 3,

59100 Bangsar,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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