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Kota Kinabalu Day 4: The Great Mount Kinabalu


I make effort to wake up early for the nice morning view of the Mount KK behind my chalet. I also walked all the way up to the peak of the resort to explore around. Honestly speaking if you guy like the nature environment you should really consider staying a night here!!

After checking out from the hotel we drive to the Poring Hot Spring. Poring Hot Spring is located at the lowlands in Ranau, Sabah. It consist of few areas like the Poring Canopy Walk, Butterfly Farm, Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, Kipungit Waterfall, Tropical Garden and the main highlight which is the with varieties of tub filled with spring hot sulphuric mineral water. Since I sprained my leg last night, we only manage to visit the canopy walk. We need to walk up the hill for about 30-40 minutes before we reach the canopy walk. There are total of 5 hanging bridge securely tied to the huge trees.We walk through all the 5 bridges and walk down the hill at the other end.




After a long walk, we went to one of the tub for leg soaking. The water is boiling hot!! But it is real soothing. Do visit poring hot spring to de-stress and soak away your sores and aches of your muscles in the spring hot water.

On the way back to Kundasang it start to rain heavily which is a good thing. The sky become so clear and the Mount KK view was stunning.



We still have plenty of time before we fly back to KL. As such, Gecky bring us to YOYO at KK town for a tea break. My red bean snow ice will be perfect if it is not too sweet!! Apart of that we ordered the garlic cheese toast. The thick toast is top with generous amount of cheese and a spread of garlic. The skin of the toast is crispy while the inner is soft and moist.

Due to the last seafood meal was not too satisfying, I crave for real big seafood meal. So we ended up in Ocean View Seafood Restaurant. They have an arrays of seafood for you to choose from! Just too much for my eyes!


We settled down for 4 dishes.

The first one of course the BIG CRAB! Vietnam Crab in Kam Heong style. The herbs gravy, dried shrimps, curry leave and chilies infuse into the Crab thoroughly but it does not dominate the freshness of the crab meat.


The second dish which cost almost 60% of the total bill, Steam Hoi Dai Kai Fish. The Hoi Dai Kai simply means underwater in Cantonese. I enjoy every single flakes of the fish that is steam to perfection and coated with appropriate amount of soya sauce.


The third dish is the Friend Clams with Onions and Ginger. This isn’t the normal clam I used to order back in KL. If not mistaken it is called Razor clam. The clam itself is very chewy, very sweet and rich. The onion and ginger adds flavor to the the sweet chewy clam.


Our last dish the famous Shu Chai Choy but this time without the egg. The Shu Chai Choy was fried with garlic only. This one has more wok hei and more flavor than the one we ordered last 2 day. Also the take away all the leaves and fried the stem only. My jaw get sore after chewing too much of the stem!


Our total damage about RM350, totally worth every single cent.

After the meal, we have to rush to airport and say good bye to this lovely state…..


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