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My Little Plant Collection

Hey guys!! How’s your week going on? This week I took a break off from work and have some time to work on my plant. Honestly I’m not a plant person but Im glad that I now had a few plant at home. I love having plant at home but I’m terrible at taking care of them. Just months ago my cactus left by my parents died on me and that’s when I call for help on Facebook…… Thanks to all my friends in FB for saving my cactus especially Ruth. She recomend me to this FB group (Malaysia Gardener) where’s many gardening enthusiastic there. So that is when my interest in gardening starts…..

So this morning, I went and repot my little cactus, as told by some of the sifus. Here is my new cactus pot! So adorable, but I need to get more sand…I only got one pack from my parents…

Yesterday we went to Sg Buloh to get a pot for my Fiddle Leaf Tree. We went to Potters Garden & Lot 61 (Paling Horticulture) to hunt for pots. At Potter Gardens’ there’s a lot of pot choices but more expensive. If you looking for terrarium glass container there is plenty there in Potter. The preice is quite affordable. For big clay pot I recommend going to Lot 61 as the price is cheaper. I forget to take any picture when I were there, but I love the plant in Lot 61 especially the fiddle tree. I got mine in Ikea at RM15.90 but it’s a smaller and shorter version compare to those in Lot 61 (prices starts from RM 45). Though its more expensive in Lot 61 but it look prettier and healthier too. Honestly, I’m tempted to get another one too.

Fiddle Leaf from Ikea

I also help one of the member in the group to buy from Ikea in which today one new leaf has grow  out. So happy to see new leaf…. If you don’t know Ikea sells the cheapest plant compare to those in nursery, but from what I see some in Nursery look bigger and nicer. So choose wisely.


and here’s the pot i got from Lot 61, each pot cost RM 15 each but they gave me discount at RM12.

I also got one Aloe Vera Succulent as I read it’s a good plant for the  bedroom as they release oxygen at night.

I am now looking for a nicer pot for my succulent but have yet to found any yet. I guess I need to return to potter gardens to look for it. Below are some other plant I got from my parents. They have bigger plant collection than I do. I think theirs are 10x bigger hahaha….

Hope I can grow them into healthy plants…Alright guys, just some update of what I been up to lately… For now got to make a move bye…

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