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Kohi Yatta @ Sungai Besi Review

Hey guyss… What’s up??? Its Monday and I want to share with you a new cafe, Kohi Yatta that I just discovered last week. Its a perfect place for Instagram shot!!! If you work nearby Sungai Besi this will be a good place to break from hectic Monday into a relaxing lunch over this calm color tone cafe!!

I love that the cafe has a few different sitting area with different setup. So just pick your favourite spot!

Their food menu is pretty simple, some mains with rice/ meat mostly Japanese inspired. There’s also Bento for breakfast, so Japanese.

If you want to see how the entire cafe look like you can checkout the below video!


Okie lets talk about food, thats the main star right?? We ordered The Empress Pancake and also Poke Bowl. I love how the pair the lemon poppy seed, lychee and vanilla ice cream onto the Pancake. Just that I like my pancake a little softer and fluffier too.

As for the Poke Bowl, I cant really give my comment as this is the first time I am trying this. Funny thing is I just discovered that Poke Bowl originated from Hawaii, it has nothing to do with Pokemon! Whut??? Seriously? I feel like a fool now hahaha… On a side note the salmon sashimi used in this bowl is fresh and overall I find it okay….

I ordered a latte and it taste pretty normal…I would like it to be more aromatic….


This cafe is good for parents who like to bring their kids along as they have a play area for your little ones.

Overall, I find the food was okay nothing really impressive. They are quite attentive in a way too attentive. The staff keep coming to our table to check if we are done with our food even though there’s still 30% food left. In a way I find them very annoying as they interupt our conversation by doing so, not just once but I guess at least three time. The price of the food range from RM18-25 and a cup of latte is RM 12. They charge 10% service charge + 6% service charge. I find my latte quite expensive after adding the tax but food price were quite standard.

Alright guys I think I shall end this post here. Thank you for reading my blogs. Do follow me on my Facebook for more videos and also my instagram for more live videos.

Kohi Yatta

Jalan Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

Beside Mazda showroom & service centre.

Operation Hour: Daily, 830am-630pm

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