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SWITZERLAND 10D9N: Day 5 & 6: Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg & Jungfrau

Have your read my other write up on Switzerland travelogue? Today I will be continuing my adventure in Switzerland. Early in the morning we took train from Zermatt all the way to Lauterbrunnen , a small town where theres no car is allowed in the town. The train journey allows us to peek into beautiful river and trees views… Feels like we are moving deep into nature of Switzerland. The train ride is more noisy that the one we took before and of older model. However the sound of the river and birds chirpping does sounds calming.

At Lauterbrunnen, we stayed in Valley Hostel. A really nice hostel and our room is facing mountain view which is quite magnificent. However you need to do a 200m walking from the train station which can be quite far.

Here is where our room located.
Beautiful view from our room.
Heres our basic room. We chose private room but with share shower room.
After check in we just stroll around this little town. We had brunch at one of the restaurant near Coop as we have been eating sandwich for pass few days. Oh well kinda regret cause the food is not so good. Should have buy from Coop and cook!
We walk deep into it where there’s a huge waterfall. If you have time you can even climb up but we were too tire we skip.
Along the day we see some really beautiful flower where the resident grew them in their garden.
After the walk we went to coop to checkout if theres any slashed priced grocery to make dinner and breakfast. There’s a kitchen in the hostel so you can cook you meal instead of eating out.
Full of groceries….
cook cook cook…
and here’s our dinner:
and we call it a day and rest early so we can depart early in the morning to Jungfrau. The next morning Thomas cook me breakfast as I had menstrual cramp, darn it!
We then took train up to Jungfrau. You can get the ticket to Jungfrau at the train station. We first head to Jungfrau and then on the way back we made a stop at Kleine Scheidegg & Wengen. This two stop has really nice view to offer!
On our way up Jungfrau
Its snowing on that day and I am so happy to see snow flakes for the first time!!! Never know snowflakes existed!
Selfie with snow is a must!!
There’s a muzeum in Jungfrau too as well as a Ice Sculpting gallery!
and head back to Kleine Scheidegg. Here is some of the beautiful view..
and then we head to Wengen!
and after that we went back to Coop to get our supplies for Dinner….We saw drumstick on 50% off and went and purchased it. We did not realize it can be too much for two of us cause it’s been too many days of sandwich we long for a good plate of MEAT!
and make sandwich for next day too!!! Yup sandwich again, because that’s the cheapest food for lunch as you can made them a day before and bring onto train or travel around with it!
and that conclude our day!!! Hope you enjour reading my Switzerland Travlogue series.
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Switzerland 10D9N Itinerary
Day 1: Land in Zurich, St Moritz. Overnight in St Moritz.
Day 2: From St Moritz to Tirano using Bernina Express. Diavolezza Mountain Peak. Overnight in St Moritz.
Day 3: From St Moritz to Zermatt using Glacier Express. Overnight in Zermatt.
Day 4: Zermatt to Gornergrat Mountain Peak & Klein Matterhorn Mountain Peak. Overnight in Zermatt.
Day 5: Zermatt to Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen village tour. Overnight in Lauterbrunnen.
Day 6: Lauterbrunnen to Junfraujoch Mountain Peak (Including stopping at Kleine Schedegg & Wengen). Overnight in Lauterbrunnen.
Day 7: Lauterbrunnen to  Luzern using Golden Pass Express. Luzern City Tour. Overnight in Luzern.
Day 8: Luzern to Mount Regis Peak & Luzern City Tour. Overnight in Luzern.
Day 9: Luzern to Bern (City Tour) then to Montreux. Overnight in Montreux.
Day 10: Montreux to Château de Chillon Castle. Leave to Geneva Airport.

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