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Valiram Warehouse Sale 2017: Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret, Canali, Tumi and many more

Heyyyy yall just a quick update on my visit to the latest Valiram Warehouse Sale 2017… This is my first time visiting this sale as I am trying to refrain myself from spending too much money….. this time my aim is to buy Michael Kors or Kate Spade bag…. I always wanted a genuine leather bag but always feel it’s such a waste of money to spend thousands on it… I am still secretly having a few higher end brand in my wishlist but that got to wait. For now MK or KS will do!!!!!!!!

So initially I wanted to go on Friday but I did not make it first i was not in a good mood and was really tied up at work. The main reason is I need to stop shopping… I have been struggling a few time if I should go and get the bag….but after my friend came back from the sale i saw he blogpost that theres baby blue bag, I am totally sold!!! That colour literally ” SCREAM my NAME”, so #shuthefuckupandtakemymoney!!!!!! and I blame you nicole for writing the blogpost for making me spend!!!!!!!! hahaha but thanks to her I get a glimpse on the warehouse sale on first day!

I swipe a total of  RM3943.60 which consist of 3 x MK Bags, 12 x 3 wick BBW Candles, 8 x BBW small candles, 12 x BBW Candle Holder, 16 x BBW Hand Wash, 2 x BBW Body Scrub, 5 x BBW Home Fragrange Refill, 2 x Givency Mascara, 1 x Mont Blanc Pen & 1 X Canali Mens Belt. That is a LOT right???

So according to Nicole this time sale is a bit disappointing as many item is not included and Tory Burch is not in too… You can read from her blog for more details. So on last day, the space is quite empty totally not what I expected… I expect a long queue and I was rushing over… I didnt read clearly the location and went straight to look for JW Marriot and boy I walk so far!!!!!!! Should have enter through Starhill instead!

So on the last day many stock were gone, quite a blessing in disguise for me because then I wont spend so much…. Good thing for last day is that many item will have more discount and slashed price… Kate Spade wallet left quite alot…

But these bag were gone on last day…

On MK side the 50% still left quite a bit but those on special clearance price were not seen only 2 more design in red that cost about RM399 left!

*most photos were taken from Nicole blog as I was too busy running around so did not manage to snap pictures…

So I manage to get one MK Bags for 60% off + 20% off if you buy two! I manage to get to know some really kind souls who willing to share with me so I can get 20% off… and using MBB card get another 5% on top of everything!! My whole bag cost me RM 674.50.So yeah the another 2 bags was not mine!!!!!!!!

and after I return for second round because they count the wrong discount price I walk in to check on the items again as Nicole tell me there’s more reduction so it is true the Kate Spade Cross Body Sachel bag were going for RM 480++ if I remember correctly.

Then I went to BBW, the 3 wick candles is going for RM25 each if you purchase 6. I think no further reduction on this. The single wick candle is going RM50 for 4 so I snag that too… The 3 wick ones mostly left the Christmas and Autumn scent which is not my type! Candle Holder is going around RM 13 -17 depends on the desgin!! The body scrub is going for 2 for RM40, so I snatch 2!! I also got myself BBW hand wash for only RM10 each if you purchased 8pcs together.

and I also got a Canali Men Belt for my Hubby for only RM 220 after discount of RM 880 from Original of RM 1100.

I saw a few more design which look amazing too but this one is RM 280 so I let it go…..

Hubs said Canali has the best suit but they dont have it on the sale… The shirt on sale were mehhhhhhhh…. I did went to check the TWG Teas but the selection is really meh…Victoria Secret is not my fan as their shower gel are not as strong..Bags design is not as good as MK ones….

There’s also Designer shoe but I don’t remember the brand! The range from RM 600 to 2000 which is way too pricey for me hahaha…

So all in all here is what I got for myself… The rest were swipe for the friends I newly met at the warehouse sale because they do not have MBB card!!

So in actual I spent total of RM1049.75 which consist of 1 x MK Bags, 1 x 3 wick BBW Candles, 4 x BBW small candles, 2 x BBW Candle Holder, 6 x BBW Hand Wash, 2 x BBW Body Scrub & 1 X Canali Mens Belt

My only comment is they should make the discount more clear as some of my friends that I just met today told me their bill discount were all mess up..equally to mine too and I have return back all the way from Pavilion for refund!! Not sure if those people who did not count properly they might have missed out!! They usually tell you percentage discount but on receip it show value deducted so if you do not check then you thought it is correct!! I believe there are a few victim!!! So if you are reading this, do check your receipt out and if really it is wrong you have to contact Valiram to verify this..

Alright guys gonna end this post as I need to get some early rest. Good night!

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