Flying Experience with Etihad Airway

Hey guys, my flight delayed for an hour and I dont know what to do so I thought just draft a short updates of my flight experience with Etihad!

Here’s us before boarding!

Honestly this trip is really rushing and we forgot a few thingsss…but thank god all was solved and we are really glad! We went and purchase memory card at Leisure Mall before heading to airport!! We run like mad people!
So just to inform, the 30kg allowance does not limit numbers of bag you bring..as long total weight does not exit 30kg for economy class… When i call Etihad customer service they told me one bag only… Wtfffffff!!! Thank god i brought one small hand carry bag compress into my big luggage!!so yay more shopping!!

I fly to London with Etihad before but i barely could remember anything and I don’t even know what to expect on a flight back then! This were different! We have expectation and I am happy with Etihad! We fly from KL to Abu Dhabi using Jet Airway B777-300 which is rather huge!!!

We ordered seafood meal and we were so happy we did! At first we were looking for meat option but it’s not available! Only seafood and vegtarian and some spaghetti i think! Then when checking in I ask the staff, she told me meat and chicken is normal meal and seafood is on special request!! Hehehe so we stay with our request and inside there’s scallop, prawns and fish!! Super delicious!

The seat wise not really very comfortable but not too bad!! Later I’ll try Etihad Flight instead of jetway ones!
So we went and buy some food to eat as im rather hungry! Food in Abu Dhabi airport is rather pricey! Burger King meal starts at AED 24 (one to one currency exchange with MYR)! We bought a slice of huge pizza at AED 22!

And I met a new friend as i saw his post at one of the FB Backpacker grp I’m following! His name is Hisam! Say hi!

My return flight to/from UK using Etihad is MYR 2500! I bought 2week before flight which i think is a pretty good deal!
Alright guys got to go now! I’ll update soon! XOXO

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