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DIY Pre Wedding Photoshoot Project Part 4: Oasia Hotel Singapore

Halor Halorrr… We are back with another series of our DIY Pre- Wedding photoshoot… In case you don’t know what is this all about you can read my previous post on this project. This time we try to incorporate some emotion but we did not change the spot or location. We were running out time so we fix the location and try to incorporate different emotion… This time I also try using a different filter on different pictures!! Let me now what you guys think about it ya….

diy pre wedding (1)

I love this!!! We are both coffee lover!! hehe…

diy pre wedding (2)

This filter are are good for this magazine reading pose I like it!

diy pre wedding (3)

I like this emotion a lot!! got feel leh! so shameless!! hahaha…..

diy pre wedding (4)

Black and white not too bad too right? but not my favourite!

diy pre wedding (5)

Alright hopefully we can do a DIY pre- wedding photo shoot by the beach the next round!!! Got to go for now! Have a great weekend ya!

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