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Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse Review

Oh hello people!!! I am back from my Koh Samui trip…. I feel like I just want stay there for a long long time…. Coming back to today sharing, I found this incredible mousse which is very good at removing all the makeup and dirt from my face without scrapping off my natural oil on my face. This Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse can be use not only to remove makeup but also to remove dead skin to prepare skin for better absorption for next skin car step.


This is a magical mousse that can gently remove dead skin, refine pores size, regulate, nourish and rebuild the skin with oxygen. It works as a gentle cleanser and non-waterproof make up remover.  Total new formulation OxySolution Mousse with exclusive formulation OxyPercalin® will help to gentle remove the dead skin and rebuild the healthy skin with oxygen. The special formula is gentle as water and superior non-irritating oxygen mousse, it may be applied even around your eyes!Designed especially for sensitive skin type, the innovative feature of this product is its mousse-like texture, albeit it being a toner. One easy press creates a foamy mousse also works as a thorough cleanser and non-waterproof make up remover.

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse6

Product Info

Product Name : Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse
Net Weight : 110ml
Price : RM 94.50 (from Hishop)
Where to Buy : Hishop Store Nationwide (Malaysia)
Skin Type : All skin type including Sensitive Skin

Main Ingredients

Consist of Perfluorodecalin, Trehalose, Sorbitol, Cucumber Extract and Aloe Extract.

I would say there is nothing fancy, just a simple box externally and a pump bottle inside… I love the pump bottle because it’s hygienic but it dispense too much for my small square cotton pad and it’s hard to control the pump… Other than that it was quite good since it’s a plastic bottle, no worries on dropping it on the floorrr…. Yeah user friendly for clumsy people like me..
Texture & Scent

It has very mild pleasant scent so I have no problem wiping it all over my face… 
Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse5
As for texture, it dispense out in a light bubble watery texture… As it time pass the bubble will slowly disappear leaving a slimy watery texture…
Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse4
How to Use

1.  Removed Non-Waterproof makeup

Apply desired amount of Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and removed the makeup, repeat this application until impurities is entirely removed (cotton pad is totally clean without any impurities shown). Rinsing with water is required.

2.  Remove Dead or Unhealthy Skin

Apply appropriate amount Oxysolution Mousse to cotton pad and gently wipe the entire skin surface to remove the dead or unhealthy skin. Rinsing with water is optional.

3.  Double Cleansing Effect

For heavy makeup user may use Oxysolution Mousse as a second cleanser to clean up the impurities, it may used to prevent breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores and keep the skin hydrated.

Cindy’s Thoughts

I use this to remove my light and thick makeup on my face and I must say I love it so much as it leave my face feeling soft and not dry at all…. Not like some micellar water that make my skin feel tingling as in the ingredient used are too strong for my skin…

Beauty Talk Mousse are very gentle and remove makeup easily but not speedy though… I need at least three round to remove my face with primer, foundation, concealer and loose powder on. Once wipe off for three round it leave a smooth film on my skin, not irritating at all in fact one of the most comfortable one…. Put in mind rinsing is required so after rinsing off the film is gone but still my face does not feel that dry compare to other micellar water I have used so far… At first I did not read instruction from Hishop face but at Beauty Talk page and the manual provided in the box, it mentioned massage the mousse on to the face and rinsing is optional…. Ewwwww, that totally failed because massaging the mousse on my face does not dissolve my makeup well… So please follow my above How to Use or from Hishop link instruction ya!!

It also great to be use as double cleansing to ensure all makeup is fully removed from my skin! I have not use it as a exfoliator yet but I shall try it out soon…. I love that it is water based as it doesn’t not leave oil traces on my face like oil remover do… The only set back is that it required cotton to slowly wipe off the dirts… I still prefer those bubble or gel makeup remover that does not require cotton but to massage all over face and rinse off…. Also this mousse cannot be use to remove water proof makeup so for eye area you may need another remover for it.

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse review

Conclusions & Rating


Well that is all from me… See you in next post soon!!! Have a great week ahead people!! XOXO!


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