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Bangkok 6D5N, Day 2 : Chok Chai Farm

Hey there.. Are you excited for my day 2 post after you read Day 1  post? Continuing from my scrumptious breakfast at Grand Mercure Hotel, we head on over to Chok Chai Farm which takes about 3 hour 30minutes heading to northern Thailand entering Khorat Province. Should I recap what happen next?? I had dozed off to recharge my energy so I can whip a cow like a Cowgirl!!!

Chok Chai Farm

This is my first time here and gosh, I never knew there’s a farm in Bangkok outskirt. Oh I just discover from our tour guide Peter that there’s many attraction away from Bangkok city (besides Pratunam Night Market) that many tourist had not explore!! While I am typing this post, I have visited a few and it is fascinating to visit those places… So stay tune to all my Bangkok travelogue ya!! I am really excited to explore around the farm as most of the time, I visit zoo but never a farm!!

Chok Chai Farm comprised of 8000 acres in land, housing various animal species like cow, sheep, deer, rabbit, ostrich and many more. It is situated in Pak Chong Road which is about 2hours away from Bangkok without traffic jam. Chok Chai Farm is the first daily farm in Southeast Asia that exports cattle to many countries and they also have receive 3 Gold award from Thailand Tourism Award. At Chok Chai Farm, you get to experience feeding animals, watch how the staff train the animal, take care of the animal, watch animal performance and yes, you can learn to milk fresh milk from moo moo cow too!! In addition, learn how to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl twist that gun and release a few shot (on the wooden board not human ya) and ride a horse too! Yee Haa!!


Attraction Information

Attraction Name : Chok Chai Farm (Farm Tour)
Address: 169 Moo 2 Friendship Highway, Nongnamdang, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand
Farm Tour Schedule:

  • Tuesday – Friday : Fixed times are at 10:00 am and 02:00 pm. However tours can be arranged between 09:00-11:40 am and 1:00-03:40 pm every 20 minutes if needed.
  • Saturday – Sunday and public holidays : 09:00-11:40 am and 01:00-03:40 pm, every 20 minutes.
  • There are no tours on Monday except if it is a Public Holiday

Farm Tour Price: 300THB (Adult) | 150 THB (Children) inclusive of visit to Cowboy Town, Kelpie Dog & Sheep Show & Petting Zoo
How to go: You can either rent a car and drive to Pak Chong District and look for Chok Chai Farm or book day trip via hotel or tour agency
What to do: Sightseeing, Camping, Milking Cow, Animal Feeding, Visit Cowboy Town, Dining
Official Website:
Contact: 044 328 485
Fax: 044 328 484
Email: [email protected]

We begin our tour by getting onto the wagon-tractor which it can carry up to 75 peoples at one go for touring the entire farm, which is a brilliant idea for lazy person like me and I don’t think 8000 acres of land would fit into your traveling itinerary …


Some of the view while we touring on the wagon!!

Chok chai Farm activities
Cowboy Town

Currently all the show at Chok Chai farm is conducted in Thai Language, however if you come in a larger group (20pax and up) you can book in advance and request for translator. I highly recommend to book a day tour from the hotel or through online so you can combine with other group and get a translator or book travel packages from travel agency in your country. The first stop is the Cowboy Town where you get to watch Trick Roping act by fellow cowboy!!

We then walk over to the ring leader to grab the perfect spot to watch the cowboy and the excited bull in action!!

More Trick Roping action!!

chok chai farm cowboy trick roper

Also Gun Spinning, I wonder if he even break his finger while training? I know I will..The gun is so freaking heavy! There goes my gun slinging career or so i thought..

chok chai farm cowboy gun spinning

You can also purchase coupon to ride horse, play cowboy games, shooting gun and also ATV!!


Super huge ATV!!

More pictures of the surrounding!! Efforts are evident as they replicate the wild west in theme of the farm and I wonder where’s Doc Brown’s hut..

chok chai farm cowboy surrounding
Kelpie Dog & Sheep Show

We hop onto the wagon again and tuck tuk tuk we head to the sheep farm where I watch how the Australian Kelpie Dog lead and guide the sheep to where they should go either for feeding or to a truck to transfer to another area. This is really interesting as I did not know the dog is as good as human!! The kelpie dog ushers the sheep to round and gather together so no sheep is left behind!


After which he will keep barking as a instruction for the sheep to walk towards the truck! Impressive!!

chok chai farm kelpie dog & sheep

Petting Zoo

Hop onto the wagon again to head to Petting Zoo. This is my favourite stop because we get to play with rabbit, deer and also cow. You can buy some food available at the zoo and feed them. There is also series of performance by these adorable animals.

chok chai farm rabbit adorable rabbit! His fur is so so soft!
 Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (5) mouse deer
Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (6)adorable deer and cute girl?
Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (7) Gorgeous girl with le mouse deer!

We adjourn to get the best seat to watch animals perform in action! Wow wee

Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (4) I can’t do this myself!Kudos to this poodle!
Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (1) Black Sheep can roll!
Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (2) mama dog is feeding the calf with milk! So lovely!
Chok Chai Farm Petting Zoo (3) I can hop but not as adorable as her!
Chok Chai Farm Camp

Right after that we went to visit the Camp Farm where you can actually stay a night or two here!! This is a great place for Team Building, Family Gathering or BBQ trip with bunch of friends!!

chok chai farm camp (6)

Staying here will you give you a chance to get back to nature where all amenities here are build to replicate the nature.

chok chai farm camp (7)

The camp is build inside a private forest with air conditioning provided!! So need not to worry on blazing hot weather!!

chok chai farm camp (5)

If you want to experience nature at its finest, just switch off the air cond and let the serenading breeze of nature sooth the soul. There is in total 50 large boutique tents that can accommodate 2-3 adult size! Staying a night at this camp is entitled for American Breakfast for 2 people per tent.

chok chai farm camp (4)
chok chai farm camp (3)

I absolutely love the unique bath room design!!

chok chai farm camp (13)

chok chai farm camp (11)The washroom pathway…
chok chai farm camp (10) the toilet
chok chai farm camp (9) the shower room!

Some of the surroundings picture.. A definite change of scenery with a breath of fresh air.

chok chai farm camp (12)
chok chai farm camp (14) Unique tree trunk!
chok chai farm camp (15) place for BBQ, games, baking workshop and many other activities!

chok chai farm camp (16)

chok chai farm camp (18)

You can arrange with the staff to prepare some of the activities for your group like ice-cream workshop using fresh milk from their in house brand “Umm!,,,Milk” and also a tour around the entire Chok Chai Farm.

Attraction Information

Attraction Name : Chok Chai Farm Camp
Address: K.M. 159-160 Moo 2 Friendship Highway, Nongnamdang, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand
Camp Stay Rate:

  • Weekday: 2800THB/2pax | 1200THB for extra bed
  • Weekend: 3500THB/2pax | 1500THB for extra bed

Available Packages: 
What to do: Sightseeing, Camping, Team Building, Family Gathering, BBQ, Ice Cream making workshop
Tel. 08 4328 8585, 08 9920 6439
Email: [email protected]

Chok Chai Steak House

After touring the entire morning, we head to Chok Chai Steakhouse for lunch break. Nothing better than having a nice slab of steak prepared using Dry Aging method which naturally soften and enhance the beef flavour.

Bangkok151 The serene view at the steakhouse

They grill the steak, chicken, pork and salmon in an open space so you get to peek on the meat before you order…. I am drooling looking at it!!


If steak is not what you looking for, there are plenty of other meat you can order like pork, chicken or even seafood. For full menu & price visit here.

image The steak
chok chai steak house  Grill Salmon

Before we head to visit Temple & Palio, The Little Italy we stop by the milking station!!! Moo Moo we are coming!!! Sadly due to insufficient time I didn’t get to try milking!!

Chok Chail Farm Milking Look at Steven happy face after milking!!

So that’s all from me for now as if continue with the Temple visit and beautiful Palio, this post will be super duper long.. So stay tune to my next upcoming post ya!!! Love you guys for reading my long post!! Muackssss…
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This trip is a part of Thailand’s Best Friend Forever Trip sponsored by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Thai Airways & Leisure Travel Magazine. Thank you for all the sponsor for such amazing trip and to all the amazing peoples I met in this trip do keep in touch!!!!



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