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Mini Flight Night @ Prodigy KL

It’s just Tuesday I know and yes I been waiting for Friday night to come again as I had so much great time last Friday night Celebrating the Mini Flight Night at Prodigy KL with the amazing set played by Mr Fluff the ever energetic DJ!!

Prodigy (6)

I was there pretty early around 11pm and as always I admire the beautiful lights inside Prodigy….The symmetrical pattern and the colours of the LED is simply beautiful!

Prodigy (1)

More pictures of the amazing lightings..

Mini Flight Night will prepare your boarding pass to fly off to 6000 feet above sea level for the ever epic Red Bull Flight Night up in Genting Highland!!  So our drink for the night will be non other than Red Bull and Vodka that gonna make everyone go excited and dance nonstop!!

Prodigy (3)

Well every Friday is a Filthy Night at Prodigy except for last Friday because they are having Mini Flight Night for Red Bull!!! So this coming Friday, book a table with any of your favourite bottle as Mr Fluff dishing out some amazing set combination of EDM & the commercial hit!! This is the best combo ever and the beats goes from the low key to the high beats and to the higher one that makes the crowd goes crazy in excitement!

You can also checkout one of Mr Fluff famous singles, Fearless Heart official video here!

Let my pictures show you the crazy night we had last Friday!

Prodigy (5)Chill over my drink with the R&B songs to warm up!
Prodigy (7)Selfie with pretty Li Chuen. Love the sweet colour tone from my camera night mode!
Prodigy (8)Yuh Juin hop in too!!
Prodigy (10)more selfie!! Please don’t mind us!
Prodigy (11)The celebration begin with champagne & firework!
Prodigy (12)Stewardess & teddy bear came along!
Prodigy (13)Time for some champagne!!! CHEEEEEERSSSSS
Prodigy (15)Picture with gorgeous Chutipond!
Prodigy (16)Cheer with my girlfriend for the night!

Prodigy (17)

haha this pic was taken when we was about to go home…Look at my half drunk face!

Prodigy (18)and the ever cute kah mon kissing my lens!hahaha and me & li chuen can only pose with a peace with our semi conscious brain! 
Prodigy (19)okay slowly regain back consciousness!!
Prodigy (20)Kiss goodbye to my loves!!

It was a cray cray night….When i reach home I totally pass out….. So guys mark your calendar this Friday for a Filthy Celebration!!! Party like the rich & famous yo!!!! That’s all from me now tata!!!!!!!!!
For more info please checkout:

Prodigy KL
1, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2141 9998
Operation hours
9pm – 3am on Wednesdays to Saturdays
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays



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