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One Utama Wonder Food Adventure : Mains for Lunch & Dinner

Hey ya, did you manage to read one of my One Utama Wonder Food adventure already??? If you have not, you must because it’s simply amazing to try all those snacks and desserts which I’d say it’s a must try for all of you especially for those who have a sweet tooth….

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Continuing the Food adventure, today will be highlight on the rice, noodle, pizza, chicken, beef and pork….. Yes, the heavy stuff  for your lunch and dinner… If you are feeling hungry in the middle of your shopping or wanted to grab a dinner before you movie night…. Ahaaaa you should head to One Utama Food Street to treat your hunger right away… I know there are too many varieties to choose from, so worry not as i’ll be sharing some of the signature food of the restaurant that will help you make the right decision!
Let’s kick start the gastronomy adventure with Chinese galore…
1. Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh
Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh

Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: Pork (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)
Halal/ Non Halal: Non Halal
Lot/Location: P282 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM12.50 – RM 13.50 per standard bowl
Signature: U-Mien & Assorted Yong Tau Foo
Rating: 3/5
Did you know that there are people in Klang would have Bah Kut Teh as breakfast?? Essentially Bah Kut Teh is comprises of all the pork bone, ribs and other parts of pork body boiled in a claypot of herbal soup for hours till it is soft and tender. The natural flavour drawn from pork would infuse along with soup which emits a mild aromatic scent that entices the taste bud. For me, I would prefer to have it for dinner because it’s rather too heavy for me… Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh have various selection of the preference on parts of pork, so you can look at their menu to see which you prefer or just ask recommendation from the staff!
imagePig Body Part
picture credit to http://tomarithai.com/blog/?p=9206
This is definitely unlike the usual Bah Kut Teh I had before… I mean they focused on the string tied meat and not the soup… The string tied meat is not soaked in deep claypot of herbal soup, instead it is only soaked in a small amount of soup in a porcelain bowl on top of a candle to ensure the soup and meat is kept warm. Honestly, I still love the one in claypot because the soup is boiling hot and I love drinking the aromatic soup. However, the string tied meat was really good because all excess fats and oil is extracted via the string tied method!!! You know I hate fatty meat!!! So this meat is really great!!! In addition, the meat is so soft and tender….Incredible…
One utama113String Tied Meat Bah Kut The (String is removed)
2. Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo

eat and happy yong tau foo

Restaurant/ Stall Info
Type: Noodle, Meat, Vegetable, Chinese (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)
Halal/ Non Halal: Pork Free
Lot/Location: LGK115 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 4.80 – RM 12.80 each (promo set: RM 7.90 for any 3 items + noodle)
Signature: Lam Mee & Royal Tea
Rating: 2/5

Judging by the look of it, it didn’t really appeal to me… However I went to try out a few of the yong tau foo like brinjal, bitter guard and fish ball. Not the best that I have tasted but in comparison to food court and to those in shopping mall with the price range, I think it is pretty decent.

eat and happy yong tau foo 1Yong Tau Foo, RM 1.50 each
One utama76Brinjal Yong Tau Foo with sufficient fish meat filling

Oh in case you are wondering what is yong tau foo, it is vegetable that is filled with fish paste and pan fried till cooked and served inside a bowl of clear soup. Usually I have it with rice or you can opt to have it with noodle. I read in other blog mentioning their U-Mien are really good… Unfortunately it is no longer available!

3. Lameeya


Restaurant/ Stall Info
Type: Noodle and Rice (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)  
Halal/ Non Halal: Non Halal
Lot/Location: LG333A / Lower Ground Floor Highstreet New Wing
Price Range: RM 4.80 – RM 12.80 each (promo set: selected noodles free drink)
Signature: Lam Mee & Royal Tea
Rating: 2/5

Lammeeya set to win your heart with healthy choice of Chinese food that taste like home cooked foodSoup boiled for hours, noodle soaked in the sweet broth or the famous dark eggy gravy and various Chinese dishes to go with white fluffy rice is what you can find in Lammeeya. This reminds me of my dear mom’s cooking back at home..So if you are out and about and miss home cooking, then you should really try this. Their Lam Mee & Royal Milk Tea are the must try. Lam Mee is comprised of yellow noodle soaked in a thick, smooth and eggy dark gravy often garnished with hard boiled egg, bean sprout, chicken strips and prawns.

imageOriginal Lam Mee, RM 9.80
picture credit to http://www.malaysianfoodie.com/2010/04/mee-rebus-lam-mee-lam-mee-ya.html

The infamous Royal Milk Tea has a strong red tea aroma with a smooth milky form…. Absolutely Love it!!

imageRoyal Milk Tea, RM 5.40
p/s: I have review about Lammeeya in my previous visit. You can read about Lammeeya Food Review here.
4. Food Box
Food Box

Restaurant/ Stall Info
Type: Noodle, Rice, Hakka (Lunch or Dinner)
Halal/ Non Halal: Non Halal
Lot/Location: LG312C / Lower Ground Floor Highstreet new wing
Price Range: RM 6.90 – RM 7.90 each (each dish come with rice, vegetable, omelet & soup)
Signature: Hakka Braised Pork
Rating: 3/5

Initially by looking at the name, Food Box I thought it was another variant of Japanese bento box… Gosh, I was so wrong about it as a matter of fact, it is Asian Chinese dishes (with Hakka food influences) served with rice, omelet, vegetable and soup. I must say the price is such a great deal especially in shopping mall outside the food court! We tried the Hakka Braised Pork which i may add that it was braised till soft and tender. Absolutely delish. The only set back was tad salty but if you take it with white rice, it’s super awesome combo!

food box hakka braised pork

Beside this Hakka dish, you can also opt for other common Chinese dish like Sweet and Sour Fish, Braised Ginger Pork, Thai style chicken and many more. Oh not to forget, there are also noodles to choose from like the famous Asam Laksa or Curry Mee.

DSC07540Food Box Menu

Fancy something sweet after meal? Try the famous Hakka “dessert/cake” Kuih Kose & Rice Bowl cake which completes the meal with superb taste!

food box rice bowl cakeRice Bowl Cake, RM 3.80 for 2pcs

Food Box is suitable for family or even individual. So don’t forget to try the next time you are at One Utama!

Now that we are done with the Chinese food, let’s we move on to Korean Food…Oh yes you Kim Chi lover you gotta love this!!

5. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
Ko hyang

Restaurant/ Stall Info
Type: Noodle, Rice, Kim Chi, Meat, Vegetable, Korean (Lunch or Dinner)
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LG116 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 11.50 – RM 18.90 each
Signature: Soon Du Bu Ji Gae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) & O Jing Eo Bokem (Stir Fried Squid in Homemade Chili)
Rating: 4/5

Annyeonghaseyo !! Undeniable that I enjoy Korean Food but only limited to Korean Barbeque not kim chi nor the red spicy soup or stew because I don’t do well with spicy… I am sold when I first take a sip of the Soon Du Bu Ji Gae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew). Though the name suggest tofu but in fact there is whole lot of seafood treasure in it!!! For someone who don’t take spicy red soup, I am giving this a thumb up.

Soon Du Bu Ji GaeSoon Du Bu Ji Gae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew), RM 15.90

The Bibimbap on the other hand was alright because they use fried egg instead of raw egg so some marks were minus… Instead of using white rice, at Ko Hyang they serve healthy brown rice too which is used in making the Bibimbap.. The soup that came along with lots of egg floss was really good…I think they are really good at making soup!

Ko Hyang BibimbapDol Sot Bibimbap, RM 17.90

Another highlight was O Jing Eo Bokem (Stir Fried Squid in Homemade Chili)! The big, thick and juicy squid fried with their special homemade chili and lots of cabbage… Mmmph good to go with fluffy white rice.

ko hyang O Jing Eo Bokem

Well we are done with traditional Korean food, let’s move to modern Korean Food!

7. BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken

Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: Rice/ Pasta/ Sandwich/ Fried Chicken/ Western/ Lunch/ Dinner
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LG323-LG323A / Lower Ground Floor Highstreet New Wing
Price Range: RM 5.90 to RM 29.50 ( Lunch/ Student Meal: Frm RM 15 –16.90 c/w free flow soft drink )
Signature: Olive Luxury Chicken (Fried Chicken), Hot Drum, Korean Charbroiled
Rating: 5/5

Don’t be deceive by the short form of the BBQ as we all fell for its name and curiosity arose on why the ads in the main entrance is fried chicken instead of barbeque chicken…  

BBQ stands for Best of the Best Quality! Started in Korea, they use 100% Olive Oil from Europe to fried their chicken and to prepare other food too, the first one in the world to do so! BBQ chicken is marinated with 30 types of natural spices for 12-15 hours…Their selling point is they NEVER use frozen chicken instead chilled chicken is used to ensure the freshness! They have mass selections from fried chicken to grilled chicken/ steak, sandwich, burger, pasta and pizza. I am sure there is something for everyone in BBQ!!!

BBQ_Top7_FCM_FA_Front (2)Some of the BBQ signature dish, sadly spoon pizza is not available in Msia

The Olive Luxury Chicken (Fried Chicken) is as crispy as the one in KFC (spicy flavor), the only difference is less oily, fresh and tender meat and non spicy! While Sharon love the Charbroiled Chicken, I on the hand think it has too many fats…However the chicken is well marinated so it taste really good if the fats is removed.

bbq fried chickenCharbroiled Chicken, RM 17.90 | Olive Luxury Chicken (Fried Chicken), RM 14.90

I love this BBQ concept and the varieties they offered…Definitely coming back!

Now, shall we fly to Japan from Korea for some Ninja Affair??

7. Ninja Joe

Ninja Joe

Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: Burger/ Bento/ Sandwiches/ Fast Food (Lunch or Dinner)
Halal/ Non Halal: Non Halal
Lot/Location: LG113 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 8.90 to RM 13.90 ( Lunch & Dinner set starts from RM 8.90 )
Signature: Hikkori
Rating: 4/5

Hai Yaaaaah!!!!!!!!!! Your pork burger is made upon order and will be ready in less than 5 minutes. The first Porky Fast Food chain store in Malaysia originated from Japan. Grilled pork patty layer with various of combination of bacon, egg, cheese, salad, mushroom just pick your desired burger from the menu. If you’re not a pork lover, chicken burger option is available too! This is a good place for those who want a quick meal!


Ninja Joe’s Lunch/ Dinner Set Menu

We sample the new Hikkori with BBQ sauce toping the grilled pork patties and pork bacon and finished with pickled and tomato slices. Being a BBQ sauce lover I must say this is very delicious however portion is rather small…Perhaps it is pork serving which might lead to higher cost, compared to regular chicken but the price is about three quarter of those in other burger chain (so does the size). So that’s price vs size is justified I guess!

ninha joe hikkori

Let me know if you have try Ninja Joe and which is your favourite!

Next we shall make a stop in America for some hearty pizza meal and this will be our last stop in this adventure!!

8. Vivo American Pizza & Panini


Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: : Pizza/ Pasta/ Panini/ Dessert (Lunch or Dinner)
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LG311B / Lower Ground Floor Highstreet New Wing
Price Range: RM 12.90 to RM 18.90 ( Promo: click here)
Signature: Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza, Crispy Chicken Panini, Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream
Rating: 5/5

This is one of the place where you get to enjoy warm and hearty American Pizza made with the latest baking technology. Be delighted with various home style selections of Panini and pasta. Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza is my new love… The sweet Vivo special BBQ sauce layering the entire dough filled with Chicken strips, fresh mushrooms, onions, red & green capsicums, black olives really delightful! Baked Chicken chop was rather normal for my liking…

vivo 1

Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream is a must order to complete your meal in Vivo… The molten chocolate oozing out from the cake is simple heart warming… Pair it with the freezing ice cream, best combination ever!!

vivo volcanic chocolate

So there you go, all 8 restaurant of serving mains for you to try it out…. This adds to the total of 15 restaurant / stall that I have try in One Utama Wonder Food Adventure!!! It was a great honor to be able to sample each and every restaurant…. I felt really hungry while typing this post and the sudden emerging urge to travel down to One Utama to try out the other remaining dishes on the menu!!!! Absolutely tummy filled with moments of gastronomy indulgence.

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Signing off for now!! Have a Great Day ahead and Enjoy!



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