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MAIU : Worthy Ala-Carte Japanese Buffet

This is by far the most MONEY VALUE Japanese Ala-Carte Japanese Buffet I’ve ever had!! For only RM 43.80 ++ you get to order sashimi, sushi, gohanmono, udon, ramen, hand roll, heck all the Japanese Food as much as you want!! Best is Ala Carte, means prepared on order!! Everything come fresh right after cooked

The restaurant is spacious and there is table to fit huge family group. Dimmed lighting and comfortable seats!


Shall we begin the gastronomy journey with Appetizer?

Edamame, also known as soy beans. Boiled to the perfect level of softness! Great for starters!

Maui44Edamame, Steam Soy Bean

The must order Itako Kyuli in every Japanese meal wasn’t too good here. The size were small and not as plump and fat as other Japanese restaurant.

Maui3Itako Kyuli, Seasoned Baby Octopus

Age Dashi Tofu was soft and silky smooth. Deep fried tofu steeped in a sweet sauce made from Fish Stock (Dashi) and garnished with a Bonito & Seaweed Flakes will ensure a mouthful of superb taste and texture!!

Maui17Soft & Smooth Agedashi Tofu

Potato Salad were another great plate to begin the buffet with!! Smooth and mushy texture with cubes of potato to bite along!! A great starter!

Maui31Potato Salad, though picture may look not so attractive but trust me it taste good!!

The star of every Japanese Meal must go to the Sashimi!! You can order as many as you can finish!!! Get your tummy ready for this raw slice of fresh cut Sashimi! For this price I think the quality and freshness of the Sashimi is deliciously sweet!! However, I would not mind to pay a lil more for a top notch Sashimi like those in Tatsu, KL.

Maui11Salmon, White Tuna (White Maguro) & Red Tuna (Maguro).

The Red Tuna wasn’t too fresh, you might want to skip this and order more Salmon & White Tuna.

Hand Roll wrapped ingredient neatly beneath a piece of seaweed. Well these handroll is alright not memorable!

Maui15from Left Itako, Tuna, Salmon and California Hand Roll.

Nigri Sushi doesn’t come on the belt here…Jus tick on the paper and they will be served on your table.

Maui9Salmon Sushi, Ebi Sushi and Tamago Sushi.

Looking at the colour you know this taste delightful!!!

Maki Mono is my favourite in Maiu especially the Soft Shell Crab Maki. Right after deep frying, the soft shell crab is place inside the rice roll that later top with mayonnaise and Ebiko.

Maui7Soft Shell Crab Maki.

Salmon Mayo Maki is good too but we love the Soft Shell Crab more due to it’s crunchiness!

Maui8Salmon Mayo Maki

Kushi Yaki – BBQ stick wasn’t delectable…I don’t like the chicken as they have those frozen meat after taste. While the best is rather tough to bite on.

Maui23Beef Negi, BBQ Beef Stick.

Maui22Yaki Tori, BBQ Chicken Stick.

Saba Shioyaki & Salmon Head Shioyaki is a must order!!! It’s fresh, crunchy, smoky and yummy!

Maui20Saba Shioyaki.

Maui21Salmon head Shioyaki.

As the Soft Shell Crab maki taste so good so taste the Soft Shell Crab by itself!!

Maui18Soft Shell Crab Age.

Chicken Gyoza taste wise was alright but the meat was tad bit too dry.

Maui10Chicken Gyoza.

Sukiyaki my all time favourite was a disappointment. It does not come boiling and I like to cook the beef myself but at Maiu, it came cooked in the pot. The Sukiyaki broth was diluted in taste.


Chawan Mushi isn’t very soft. The ingredient is alright.

Maui6Chawan Mushi.

Special Mushroom Soup is very similar taste to Sukiyaki, only broth was a lil more salty then sweet. Nothing special though!

Maui27Special Mushroom Soup.

The last that I insist to order was Nebeyaki Udon just for the sake of trying though my tummy is stuffed!! Woah, taste surprisingly good!!! Especially the egg yolk texture, not too raw nor too cooked…The texture is very similar to Mochi! Udon is cooked to Al-Dente and broth is sweet!!! Prawn Tempura was fresh and still remain a little crunchy even was sink inside the broth for quite some time! YUMS!!

Maui29Nebeyaki Udon

Come to the final dish of our buffet which is the Chocolate & Green Tea Ice cream. Both taste was not too intense. Just a dessert to complete the meal.

Maui26Chocolate Ice cream

Maui25Green Tea Ice cream

I think this is a good place to satisfy your Japanese Food craving with affordable price and unlimited supply. Generally most of the food taste on par with Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi. However, do not compare with high end Japanese food because the price you going to pay for will be double the price of Maiu so does the quality! At least it is more worthy than going to Sushi Zanmai or Sakae Sushi where you only get to order a few dishes with the same amount of money.

Maiu Japanese Restaurant

G-3A,The Place,

Jalan PJU 8/5D,

Bandar Damansara Perdana Petaling Jaya,

47820 Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hour: Lunch (11.30 p.m – 2.30 pm) Dinner ( 6.00 p.m – 10.30 p.m)

They also have branch in Sri Petaling. Check it out!

No.39-1 G/FLR, Jalan Radin Anum 2,

Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,

57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food: 7/10
Price: 9/10 (Value for money)
Facility: 6/10 (No Wifi connection, parking is easy though)
Ambient Environment: 7/10 (Comfortable seat and warm lighting)
Service: 8/10 (quick response and friendly smile)



  • Cindy Tong

    You select those tasty ones which is on par with sushi zanmai and sakae…Cannot compare with those fine dining or high end japanese food la…I suggest you to order sashimi, makimono, nigri sushi, nabeyaki udon, soft shell crab, the saba and salmon shioyaki!!!

  • Isabel

    My fav jap place! I only order salmon sashimi, none of the tuna though.. From experience, tuna is never good. Or maybe I just don't like tuna? Anyway I have to disagree that it's on par with Sakae Sushi as SS serves food that isn't fresh & is fishy. Disappointed every time

  • Cindy Tong

    The last time I try SS is surprisingly good and fresh wor..they also introduced some new sushi on the belt which is quite impressive as Sushi Zanmai is quite boring with the same menu….Perhaps different branch different quality?? As for Tuna, I tried the one in Kampachi & Tatsu, fresh and sea sweet…For tuna it has to be real fresh then it's tasty else it will become very fishy taste!! Unlike salmon whereby the fish taste was not as strong as tuna so even a not so fresh salmon wouldn't taste too bad!!

  • dina

    I tried the best Japanese ala carte buffet in town is at UE square-Zen. $52++for adults. Really worth it because all the material are fresh and very delicious! Must try it.

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