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ROC Hydra+ Nourishing Cream

Thanks to Only Beauty for sending me samples of ROC Hydra+ Nourishing Cream  to try. Few weeks ago I went to beach holiday in Krabi and so I tested this cream out to see how it goes on my dry skin after going into the salty sea water and chlorine pool water.


For me I don’t usually use such intensive for day use but this is good for both day and night use. It does not give oily and sticky feeling even though this is not in gel texture I’d love it.


See the cream is not too thick and it’s absorbs quickly into my skin.


After apply the cream my skin feels more vibrant and not so flaky dry. It ensure my skin stay soft until the next morning. As I’m sleeping in a air condition room for whole night but it keeps my skin hydrated whole night.

It combines moisturising agent Hydrovance with a cocktail of vitamins and essential nutrients, for a threefold moisturising action:

  • attract and lock water
  • rebuild reserves of nourishing ingredients
  • strengthen the skin barrier

Key Ingredient

  • Glycerin to attract water.
  • Moisturising agent Hydrovance to lock in water for a continuous hydration.
  • Sunflower oil to reinforce the cutaneous barrier, to prevent further water loss.

I only try the cream for few days as it was a sample provided by . I can only tell more details when I buy myself a bottle. Only Beauty is a website that provide free samples for their members. In the website they also have reviews on multiple beauty products which can be very informational for those who looking for solution or suggestion for their skin. So if you want a free sample like I do, head over to their website and get yourself sign up.

Cindy’s Verdict:

  • It gives Softer Skin that last the whole night
  • Very Light Texture
  • It get absorbs quickly



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