How To Style Boots For Your Daily Outfits

Finding the perfect pair of boots is like finding the perfect partner. Form and function should best describe your favourite pair of boots. Fashion gurus all over the world incorporate at least one pair of boots into their lookbooks. Here are a few common boots you’d see on the street and some pointers on how to style them!

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  1. Chelsea boots

The most versatile boots you can find. Pair it with a summer dress, skinny jeans or even a smart casual office attire. The standard colours the Chelsea boots come in are black, brown, and navy blue to make it easy to match most of your outfits. The elasticated sides of the boots and a tab on the back make it easy to slip on and slip off. Polish or spray a suede protector regularly, and these boots will last a lifetime. 

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  1. Knee high boots

Not only do they protect your legs in cold weather, but they are also extremely versatile and edgy. For a more casual look, a pair of skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater will do the trick, whereas for a more fancy look, opt for leather jeans, a chic blouse and an oversized coat. From brunch with the girls to a night out on the town, knee-high boots will match any outfit you throw on. All you need to know is how to style them. 

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  1. Pointy ankle boots

Ankle boots, mesh stockings, a leather skirt and a simple white shirt will create a sophisticated look that you can wear to the office and social events. To get a more casual vibe, pair these boots with ripped mom jeans, a black t-shirt and a bomber jacket, and you’re good to go. It’s a great throw-on pair of boots for running errands or heading out for a quick bite. For a feminine and elegant look, match it with a midi slit dress for date night. The key is to wear figure-hugging pieces to achieve these looks.

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  1. Platform boots

Platform boots were made to elevate your outfit into a more trendy, over the top edgy look. These boots can be styled from an ultra-feminine look with summer dresses, and skirts to grunge goth look. A seventies look that you can get with platform boots is pairing them up with pantsuits and a funky blouse underneath. An all-black ensemble with skinny jeans and a sweater will get you that grunge goth look. They’re also great if you’re looking for footwear to make you look tall and accentuate your legs. Platform boots are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. 

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  1. Western boots

Fashionistas are taking opportunities to incorporate western boots into their lookbooks for a trendier look. In this season, the cowboy boots are a more polished version of the rugged style you would usually see in movies. Unlike the other boots mentioned, western boots are less versatile. They don’t quite go with the streetwear style, but a few fashion icons have been spotted pairing them up with more polished pieces, creating a chic, edgy look to wear to fashion week. You can play many designs with when it comes to cowboy boots, such as animal prints, classic designs, vibrant colours, and more. Do try to avoid designs with sequins and fringe.

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  1. Work boots

Yes, you read it right. More and more people are purchasing work boots from brands like Timberland. During the winter season, work boots are great for running an errand or meeting some friends for a hangout session. Although they’re called work boots, you can still build a great outfit around them. Pair it with your favourite skinny jeans, a loose sweater and an oversized leather jacket, and you’ve got a nice casual outfit right there. 

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