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5 Best Staycation Idea in Singapore

Pandemic is kinda depressing for us travelers & wanderlust lovers, we are grounded in our country but fret not there’s so much to explore in the country. Travel domestic and Staycation is the way to go. I personally love staycation in hotel nearby because no planning is required, just pack my bag and off we go.

I have quite a number of staycation even long before the pandemic and today I will be sharing with you some of the best Staycation Singapore ideas.


*Eligible for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers

Back then staycation was not so popular, staycation was purely just staying in the room and going to the pool/ gym. Today’s hotel comes with various activities over the weekend to keep your staycation interesting and fun. They even cater to those who bring kids along.

Orchid by Shangri-La Hotel is one of it, offering a colourful tour into the ” A Floral Art Piece” comprises 32 hybrids belonging to the more popular genera, many of them selected for their respective robustness, variations and hues. Over 600 flowering plants have been arranged to present a stunning burst of rainbow colours when viewed from any angle in the interior. If you are celebrating Anniversary or Birthday you can reserve Dîner de Fleurs – a private dinner for up to four guests inside The Orchid with a unique Dîner de Fleurs menu by the hotel’s master chefs.

Image Source: https://landezine-award.com/shangri-la-orchid-pavilion/

Aside from that for family, there’s also Buds, a built-in interactive play space for children spanning over 1,872 square metres in total – 572 square metres indoors and another 1,300 square metres outside.

Image Source: https://playpoint.asia/projects/hospitality/buds-by-shangri-la/

There’s also various of dining packages offers that you can book from Traveloka.


Now if you are history art lover at heart, this hotel is for you. Just walking distance to the Museum, you will immerse yourself with multi sensory art experience that weaves in different art mediums ranging from static sculptures and paintings to interactive multimedia art installations. There’s different theme in each room, so pick the one that fancy you for your artsy stay.

Image Source: https://www.rendezvoushotels.com/hotel/singapore


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For those looking for a modern hotel, M Social Hotel unique modern design by the renowned designer Philippe Starck will be a great choice. Each room comes in alcove or loft-style room. Super instagramable and fresh concept compare to the common box type of room. Another of my favourite is the full length window with the serene view of Robertson Quay.

Another highlight of the hotel is that you will be greeted with AURA robot concierge and AUSCA robot breakfast chef


No need introduction, W Hotel is one of my favourite hotel chain. All of their hotels are top-notch. The famous wet deck lounge is definitely a great spot to relax while you enjoy sunbathing with the sparkling South China Sea. Underwater speaker keep your swimming pumped up! Definitely for music lover like me! The swimming pool not just fun during the day time but turn into a colourful illuminating setting of gorgeous hues.

Surrounded by the lush greeny, this resort island will turn your staycation into lively island holiday! Just a short ride to Universal Studio and the most beautiful Aquarium I have been to, you can explore with your partner or family.


*Eligible for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers

Yotel is perfect choice for those who looking for budget yet does not compromise on location and ammenities, strictyly delivering everything you need and nothing you don’t. Located at orchard road, you can access to tones of restaurant and cafe choices and endless shopping.

The cabins crammed full of smart ideas and space saving designs, our cabins have everything you need, and nothing you don’t – from award-winning beds and adjustable mood lighting to rejuvenating rain showers and smart TVs that connect seamlessly with your own devices. Welcome to the SMART Cabin!

Did I also mentioned, above most hotels are eligible for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers, so you can redeem the voucher when you book any hotel with Traveloka. What are you waiting for? Book your hotel now and enjoy the best staycation of your life!


  • ienaeliena

    wahh menarik ni.. pernah pergi singapore tapi tak pernah bermalam lagi dekat singapore..kalau pergi sana boleh lah stay sini..yang M SOCIAL HOTEL ROBERTSON QUAY tu nampak menarik

  • Sis Lin

    Bilalah nak pergi SG lagi ni.. last pergi dah 3 tahun lepas kot.. rindu nak travel, walaupun negaranya sebelah aje, tapi ermmm sunyi CIQ ..


    i would love to explore Singapore someday and stay in one of their hotels. I never had 2 days trip to Singapore. will try after this pandemic is over

  • Kitkat Nelfei

    How i miss exploring Singapore even I have been there for many times now..I love visiting Singapore during New Year celebration ah.. Next time can try these hotels that sis suggested.. I would love to stay at W Hotel ahh.. nice place I would say..

  • siennylovesdrawing

    Am saving this list for my nest Spore trip then, love all of them as the nice comfy environment 😀 The deals so tempting to grab for some savings 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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