3 Creative Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Photographer

During the day of your wedding, you will be as close as you can possibly be to the most perfectly planned day. You and the groom will be in your best attire, surrounded by people in their best attire. You’ll be in an amazing venue with some kind of importance whether it be historical, wealth-related or perhaps just meaningful to you personally. It’s one of the best days possible for a photoshoot because the entire day is focussing on you and your moment. It’s the one day in the year where all eyes will be on you as a couple, embarking on a new journey together. However, many times the present day is thought of while the future is not during weddings. You want to be able to capture this moment so you can look back at it many decades from now. Don’t just live in the moment, make sure it can last for a lifetime.

Share with guests

It’s not just you who wants a copy of the events during the day, but all your guests too. Some of them have flown thousands of miles to come and attend your special day, some have bought brand new suits and dresses to look their best and many of them have taken time off from their normal lives and work to be here. You don’t just want this day to be your memory which you can literally look back on, but your guests as well. It’s also an opportunity to make a little money as well. You can offer expert photographs of the vows to those who would like to buy them for themselves. They can have photographs taken of them exclusively, together with you or on their own. All the various activities they took part in can be captured and sent to them via mail.

The whimsical moment

After or before the party has occurred, you’ll have time to be alone. This is when the ceremony ends, you both walk out of the church and you are whisked away in a fancy car or carriage. All the guests will go off to the party area and wait for you. During this time, it’s the best opportunity to work together with a professional wedding photography expert, and get the kind of whimsical shots you have dreamed of. This could be of the bride and groom holding each other at the beach, on top of a hill, looking out of a castle window together or just walking down the steps of the church itself. Whatever kind of fairytale image you have in your mind, now is the time to capture it in extremely high quality photos.

Tell a story

One day you might have children, and showing them the day you got married is something you might want to do. One way to do that is to record video of the day but there’s nothing like a hard copy of the day. So photographs are something you can show them when they’re older.

These days, no one needs convincing that a photographer would make the wedding day better. But every now and then you need a reminder of the creative reasons why you need to hire such a specialist. 

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