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Banyan Tree Spa Review

Banyan Tree Spa had brought me an unforgettable massage experience. From the warm welcome upon entering the spa to the bright purple welcome drink made from Blue Pea Drink to super attentive masseur and relaxing massage and end with a healthy treat. The whole massage experience is impeccable. 

Walking into the spa lobby I was greeted with a relaxing scent and a glass of cold Blue Pea Flower drink. I did a swim in the pool earlier and a cool drink after is really perfect.  Then I was brief with the massage I will be doing for that day. I chose a 1.5 hour Balinese Body Massage. 

On my way into my room, I pass by a rack of Banyan Tree Spa Aromatherapy product. Oh, they look so beautiful!! The price is very affordable too!

I am so tempted to get one but I have so many at home already. Back to the massage, the masseur asked if I needed a shower which is really nice especially for the traveller who has been exploring the country and have no time to get back to the hotel for a shower. Since I am staying in the same hotel that day, I proceed straight to the massage. The masseur brought me two oils to choose, I picked the Love one. 

After that, she proceeds to rinse my foot and scrub them with Honey Green Tea Scrub. The scrub has some cooling effect and very moisturising as well. I love this scrub a lot! 

You can check out my Insta story for more details…

Now moving to the Banyan Tree Spa massage, just before we begin she check with me if there is any spot I like her to focus on. I really like that she asked me, as most of the time I won’t mention it. I feel shy and bad to be so demanding. Also, the way she talks also very soft, give a very relaxing experience as a whole.

I like to highlight the bedding quality is really top notch. The bed cover and blanket are all really fine cotton. Feel so nice to lie on it. The masseur movement is very soft and relaxing. It’s not the strong type but still hit the point so I can really relax and fall asleep. She will wash her hand every time she finished a part of my body like foot and body. Super hygienic.

I really enjoy the massage and I will return for a massage again real soon. Though it’s of a more high-end kind of massage compared to those Thai/ Balinese massages I used to go but this is altogether a different experience. Even the one I went in Bali were of the same level but I do not experience the same service and quality.

After the massage, I was treated with a healthy fruit and yoghurt combo and a pot of lemongrass tea…. I really love the treat!

On my last visit, I saw that the Banyan Tree Spa has Buy 1 Free 1 promo. So do go and check it out before the promo ends!! I shall end this post here. See you in the next ne. XOXO.


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