How to Purchase Camera at the Cheapest Price & How I sell my 8yrs Old Camera at RM1k

I am really happy to able to sell away my  Canon 550D for RM 1k. Although the price is quite low considering I bought it at almost RM 5k 8years ago. Well, camera like smart phone once you use it, the value will drop everyday. Similar things happen to car too but stories on car purchasing, selling and etc I will leave it to another post. Today let’s just talk about my new camera and experience selling my old DSLR.

I sold my DSLR through and I think that is the only site that able to sell camera and accessories fast. I put there for quite a few months and I got 2 offer and both were below my expected price. For somehow, it didn’t happen as the interested buyer is away from town. So I ended up waited a little longer and finally a kind soul interested and I manage to sell at the price that are not too low compare to my expected price.

So after selling my DSLR, I can finally have fund to upgrade my camera. I have been wanting to buy Sony A6500 for monthssss… There a period where I almost purchased it but I hold back because it doesn’t come with 90deg flip screen. It has all the features I want except the screen. In addition, it’s be awhile Sony has not release any new APSC camera and I am worried that it will come soon. I needed a new compact camera for my trip next year and also my daily review and event coverage.

I still have Sony NEX with me but the kit lens and the MP of the camera is pretty limiting…. So before my Bali trip I decided to stick with my NEX first since I have limited funds and found that NEX also can use phone as remote. After my trip, I managed to sell my DSLR which means I no longer have any macro lens. So either I buy a prime lens and use it with my limiting NEX or get new camera as well.

So while I was surveying for the best price, my friend told me that he got A7ii at a very good deal at shoppee. I only survey physical shop because I never trust online shop as I couldn’t see the physical item before purchasing. So anyway, I search online and see whats the cheapest price. I found two different seller that has cheapest price for two different item camera and lens. So one of the seller is in Kelantan which mean I will not be able to inspect the camera. Another one is in Times Square. So I called up and ask for stock availability and price. Since I have survey the price around so I know how low the price can go!! I bargain with him to the lowest price I seen online and he agreed to it. So for such a good deal, I think it was meant for me to buy it!

So the next time you want to purchase anything, check online for the price first especially something with big value.

I was overly joy when I got the camera and decide to put the lens and camera on test. So that I can justify myself for buying new lens instead of sticking to my kit lens and also Sony A6500 over my NEX.

So let’s see the lens first. I over Sony 35mm F1.8 prime lens sigma ones for the image stability function. If you want the lens for solely photography and don’t mind the weight go for Sigma 30mm F1.4, the color of this lens is really nicer than Sony. It’s also sharper. So, I put both lens on my Sony A6500, here is how it look. The photos is not edited.

16mm – 50mm F3.5-5.6 Kit Lens 1/125 F6.3 ISO2000


35mm F1.8 Prime Lens 1/125 F6.3 ISO1250

You can see the 35mm lens is slightly sharper and color is more vibrant too.

Left: 16mm – 50mm Right: 35mm

These photos were taken indoor so it was not that bright. Also I did not add on any artificial lighting. I think the picture suppose to be able to be sharper if the lighting is better then I open wider aperture.

I also put the 35mm lens on NEX 5R so I can compare the quality. For somehow picture is NEX look more oranget and the purple hues is nice in A6500 tooo. Of course obviously A6500 is sharper for the larger sensor and also higher MP.

NEX 5R: 1/125 F6.3 ISO 1600 A6500: 1/125 F6.3 ISO 1250

Overall, I really happy to have upgrade my camera but I have not really put it to maximum usage yet. Still playing with setting and etc. So far only used it for food and product photography indoor. I have not bring it outdoor. The A6500 works better than NEX in low light condition too. Also I feel that for some reason i feel photo taken on NEX always have some distortion and not so easy to take flatlay compare to A6500. I got to test a few more time for that.

Alright guys, I think I’ll end this post here! Ending it with the edited version of this FlatLay. Any of you wanna know the behind of the scene of this shoot? How I came up with the theme and etc? Just drop me a comment ya.

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