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Makoto @ Sri Hartamas

Being unagi fan I was thrilled to discover this Makoto Japanese Restaurant that serve live Unagi that is hidden in Desa Sri Hartamas. I can imagine the freshness of the unagi by just hearing the unagi is made upon order. So you will have to wait for the chef to prepare and if you are in a rush do call to preorder the unagi so you don’t have to wait.  “Makoto” in Japanese means “Sincerity”, “Honesty” and “Essence”. Makoto not only serve their specialty live unagi but also serve authentic Japanese Cuisine. They are coolaborating with 8th generation Owner Chef from a traditional unagi restaraunt of over 200 years old in Akasaka Tokyo. Hence many Japanese expat actually come to dine here often.

The unagi is air flown directly from Shizuoka,Japan as frequent as twice a week. Do you know Unagi is made from Fresh Water adult eel where when they are baby they live in ocean and once they grown into adult they will swim towards lakes, rivers, and estuaries. Up to date, this mystery of why adult eel swim to fresh water still remain unsolved.

Unagi cut and slice upon order

Alright let’s us move into the food… That night we try a few signature dish and we start with Sashimi Platter. The key to delicious sashimi is the freshness as well as the cutting and preparation. Here the sashimi is cut at the right thickness and taste really fresh! Every bite deliciously melt in my mouth.

Sashimi Platter, RM 138


Every part of Unagi can be cook into delicious dish and that includes the bone. Home Senbei is made by deep frying the unagi bone.  This a perfect snack to go along with beer! It’s so crunchy with just a little saltiness, if you prefer saltier you can dip into the salt that came along.


Home Senbei, RM 8

Next on the table were the Japanese Steam Unagi Omelette. This is by far the best Omelette I taste so far, it comes warm and really soft. The unagi wrapped beneath add more flavour to the omelette. The unagi taste really soft and delicious all thanks to cooking it live!! I am definitely coming back for this soon!


Japanese Steam Unagi Omelette, RM 48

Here come the star of the night, Japan Hitsumabushi. It’s steam rice topped with Japan charcoal grilled unagi kabayaki along with pickles, condiments and soup broth. This is a unique dish where there is 4 ways to eat it!

Japan Hitsumabushi, RM128 per pax

1) Eat it as it is. You can experience the full natural flavour of the unagi and fluffy steam rice

2) Add on some seaweed, Shanso pepper seed or powder, spring onion and wasabi


3) Pour the broth on the bowl. This know as una-ohazuke style

4) Eat they way you like!!

I personally prefer to have it without broth. I also like to add the shanso pepper powder which add some flavor to the rice and unagi. The unagi really grilled to perfection with a little smoky flavour but remain soft and tender inside.

to end our meal we had Warabimochi a Traditional Japanese desert. Made of some jelly, mochi and syrup. I really love the taste of this. It’s not sweet but with a little bit of the rich matcha flavor. Really delicious!!!

Warabimochi, RM 18


So if you are unagi fan like me too do check out Mokato Japanese Restaurant. You can also visit them during weekday lunch where they have special lunch set promo. You can even call to book an omakase dinner. Just let them know your budget and they will prepare accordingly.


Makoto Japanese Cuisine
54, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact No: 03-6211 1409

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