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Pause for Le Moment with Kronenbourg

Helloooo everyone… It’s been a while since I had such a great night!It was out of my expectation…I thought it will be another boring road show…. I was all wrong… Kronenbourg had bring France close to us!!! That night we dine & drink like French, embracing the French romantic and passionate culture!

That day was actually France Bastille Day ( National Day), to celebrate it Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc brings the flavours and tastes of the French Way of life to the heart of Kuala Lumput – llowing one to appreciate all the little quality moments life has to offer.

The Square Publika was coverted into a French like atmosphere, featuring popular Iconic French landmarks like : La Region Du Kronenbourg, Rue Du Kronenbourg and of course, Champ De la Publika. That night many shopper stop by to enjoy their night with some nice French Dinner & Kronenbourg of course.

There is two section, one is VIP and another is for public. The VIP section are for specially invited guest by Kronenbourg (mostly big Kronenbourg supporter) and members of the media as well. If you want to be invited to the VIP you gotto start drinking Kronenbourg.

VIP Section

Public Section

We get to enjoy really nice shoulder and hand massage, Kronenbourg infused sorbet and macaroons, all whilist enjoying typically French entertainment like mimes, cabaret performance, street magicians and the ever popular jazz band – 9 Lives.

The vocalist has really stunning vocal!! Her performance is so memorable!!

That night, public get to purchase a bottle of Kronenbourg for only RM15…Such a great deal!! I hope they will organize another one and I will definitely visit again!! Not just that, you can collect coupons with any Kronenbourg purchase which can be used to redeem hand massage and macaroons! That weekend was all about taking time to eat and drink, to speak and listen to the people you care about ,and just enjoy the moment. Reminding us to take time to enjoy finer things in life.

Do checkout below video for more snippets of the Pause for Le Moment!!

For now I am gonna end this post!!! Hope you have a great week ahead!

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