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Baby Stroller, The Perfect Gift for New Moms

Heyalll!!! How is everything going on? I always thought getting gift for someone is not an easy task and it’s getting tougher as we move into next phase of our life…. Back then it were so easy. Get them anything fashion related will be a great idea but now that most of my friend are married and already have babies too, so fashion are no longer much of their interest. Their interest and priorities changes as they have their own family, children and home. So today I want to share with you some of the suitable gifts for new moms. Let’s begin with something for the baby, a baby stroller.

  1. Useful Equipment for the Baby

Obviously getting something for the baby would be best. But you ask what’s to get for the baby? Like my title say Baby Stroller. It’s something very useful and can be use at least 2/3 years and your mummy friend can also use it for their second baby! I usually go for the one that are sturdy and also lightweight at the same time so it’s easier to move around with it.


Sweet Heart Bay Stroller,Image Source

Another good idea is a Baby Food Maker. I just saw on FB yesterday this Beaba Baby Food Maker preparing baby food 10 times for convenient.


Image Source


  1. Home Decors

Well it’s doesn’t have to be only gift for the baby, mummy is as important too. Back then I dislike home décors because I live with my parents and seriously home decor feel like a waste of money. Now that I have my own home I appreciate those home decors gift I got from my friends, especially those that suit to my liking. It’s simple to pick, just get a decor piece that are unique and match your friends favourite colour or theme. If she like gold color get her something in gold and if she go for classy theme then pick something in that range too. A customized rose gold jewelry box or even photo frame could be a good pick in this case.

Image Source

  1. Tableware

If your friend love to cook this could be the perfect gift for her. She also need to cook for the family not just the baby so maybe getting her a new set of plates or tea cups will be as great. Those limited edition set with one of a kind design will sure surprise her! I recently got a few Royal Albert Flower tea cup from my friend it was so beautiful that I store them in my glass display rack. You can even pick a new cutler set for her too! I would love a set of gold cutlery for my house warming. *Hint Hint



Image Source


  1. SPA Package

Now as much as your bestie happily move into next chapter of life there’s sure stress that came along especially when they just got a baby. A SPA package for the two of you might be a great escape from being wife and mother for a day!! I would recommend trying out the Mandara SPA package or even go to Ossoto SPA where you can spend whole day there enjoying food, movie and massage all in one. I love spending my day in Ossoto, no need thing much just try out all the facilities and enjoy the day!

Image Source

  1. Face Cleansing Tool

Well we all get busy as we get into the wife and mummy role at home and not to mention at work too. So time to go facial probably become lesser and lesser may be none. Consider getting her an electronic face cleansing brush so she can do a deep cleanse at home. That would definitely safe her some precious time for some other priorities in her life. Some of the brand that I would recommend is the Foreo ones or Clarisonic.


Image Source

While shopping for baby products might seem to be the best idea for gifts, I always try to think out of the box! So, here you go my top 5 gift ideas for your mummy to be bestie!  Alright guys thanks for reading my post today. See you in the next one.

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