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Pull Off An Al Fresco Wedding

Do you want to get married outside? Of course, you do! There’s no better setting for a wedding than the great outdoor. Getting married beside an enormous mountain or a crystal clear lake sounds like perfection.

But it turns out that there’s a lot more to pulling off the perfect al fresco wedding than simply choosing a great location. Thanks to the weather, wild animals and a host of other things, making an outdoor wedding a success is a real challenge

Here’s what you need to know to pull one off.

Prepare For Extra Expenses

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You might think that having an outdoor wedding would save you money. But it turns out that it’s usually a little more expensive than you think.Many outdoor wedding venues, according to Claudia Hanlin, founder of The Wedding Library in New York, says that some outdoor locations are costly, even if they’re in a public area. Many couples have received surprise bills in the post for using certain locations for their big day.

Another consideration is how remote the location is. Usually, the more remote the location, the more beautiful the wedding, but it tends to put the price up for things like catering and organisation. If there are no bathrooms on site, for instance, you’ll need to have them trucked in, which could be very expensive.

Put The Lights On

Outdoor weddings are great, but it’s unlikely that the sun will stay shining for the whole thing. That means you have to deal with two issues. First, you’ve got to figure out how to keep the lights on, something which can be particularly challenging if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, you’ll need to keep guests warm using portable heaters. If there’s no power supply nearby, you’ll need an electric generator. But be warned, diesel generators can be very loud so make sure that they are a long way from your actual guests.

Choose A Specialist Photographer

Conditions for an outside wedding are often very different to those of an indoor wedding. That’s why it’s worth finding a photographer who knows how to cope with outdoor conditions. According to Brightmoon Photography, wedding planners need to keep their eyes peeled for photographers who have the right equipment for their particular setting.

Put Food On Ice

Are you service animal products at your wedding? How about oysters or other shellfish? If you are, it’s a good idea to serve them on ice. Animal foods are extremely toxic if they go off, so to protect your guests, make sure you have facilities to keep things like shellfish cool at all times.

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You don’t just have to stop at shellfish, of course. There are all sorts of things you could put on ice, like lemon sorbet, boozy ice pops and ice cream – great for if it’s a warm day.

Bug-Proof Your Venue

There’s one big downside to being outside in the summer months: the insects. But there’s plenty you can do to stop them from getting in and ruining the party. Try burning citronella candles or using springs of rosemary and mint to keep pests away.

There you go, you are all prepared for an Al Fresco Wedding!

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