Althea Petal Velvet Powder
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Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review

When I receive email about this Gorgeous New Petal Velvet Powder from Althea I was over the moon!! You know my obsession with Floral related product… I would end up giving all my money with Floral scent or ingredient especial those with sweet and floral-ish packaging.

I receive this box unexpectedly because I forget about it as my day filled with never ending work task. I can smell a very sweet lovely floral scent even before I unbox the package.


Product Information

Net Weight: 3g

Price : RM16

Where to Purchase:

Skin Type: All skin type


But for those who dislike strong scent on their product, you will be happy!! Why? Because that strong floral scent came from the dry flowers in that little organza pack. The powder itself? A mild floral scent which pretty scentless when apply on skin unless you sniff it directly from the jar itself.


I love the sweet and minimalist packaging of this powder. Perfect prop for flatlay haha….


One thing though, I find the jar depth is too shallow and because I usually bake my under eyeand needed to pour out some powder for baking. Sadly, the powder comes out of the jar in a large amount. So after application, I tried to knock the powder down again it just doesn’t goes back in….. that’s not the end of it, it became worst when the powder surface on top which hinder me from placing the puff back into it. How annoying?



The thick and fluffy puff feels really soft on my skin. I love that alot, it feels like the best puff I have tried so far…..


Now onto the powder, it’s said to leave the skin feeling silky smooth with just a single touch. It gives a velvety and flawless perfect complexion to the skin. Below is my how the powder look on my skin, I apply it around 7am and reach home around 8pm and took another photo.



On application, it does feel smooth and flawless on my skin. This translucent powder does make my skin look more radiant which I love. It slightly matify my skin but not overdoing it leaving skin look dewy still. That is how i like my powder to be because I never like matte finish on my skin but dewy one. Sadly, towards noon i start to feel sebum on my skin is building up and the powder doesn’t really control it like it supposed to do. My under eyes is smudge with my mascara and eyeshadow. Usually if the powder control sebum well it will not happen. You can see the photo above on the right where the eyeshadow and eyeliner were all stamped on my under eyes.

In overall I love the packaging and the puff… I also like how it make my skin look radiant and glowy on application. However, I do prefer if it has better sebum control as my skin gets oily towards mid of the day.

“So what the best Loose Powder you have tries? Have you tried this Althea Petal Velvet Powder ?”

Got to go for now bye…..See you in the next one real soon!


  • ShopGirl

    I appreciate this critical review of this product that everyone has been sponsored with but raving about. This is what I miss about the blog review scene and to be able to see the product’s pros and cons is always a good thing for a reader. Thanks for this, Cindy!

    • Cindy Tong

      aww thanks babe for the compliment…I am happy that there is still reader in this case my friend who appreciate my honest review. sometime the product does not work on everyone and well my skin is on the oily side so it need to do better….I like the innis free one though!! Its dewy but still control my sebum production.i use three jar d…

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