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Little Wedding Details to Remember

A wedding is an event that takes a lot of planning. It isn’t just about the obvious things, like the dress and the cake…and the actual marriage. There are hundreds of little details that make a wedding the perfect day for the bride and groom. When planned meticulously, all of the wedding details will connect in some way, showing you parts of the bride and grooms personalities. So, when it’s your turn to plan your wedding, pay attention to the details and put in as much love and thought into the little things as the big things to achieve a real wow factor. Here are just some of the details that go into a wedding.

Song Choices

The list of song choices for a wedding can be extensive. Firstly, the bride and groom need to decide on an entrance song for the bride and an exit song for after the ceremony. These are usually songs with a lot of meaning but you can be a bit more playful with the exit song. The couple may want to play music during the wedding breakfast too. Creating a suitable playlist will ensure there’s something for everyone. Then there’s the all-important first dance. Whether the couple wants to choreograph a routine for their dance or just sway gently to the song they’ve chosen, the music is important.


We all know that flowers are a big part of the wedding. The bride will carry a bouquet, as will the bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen will have button holes. However, flowers often play a much bigger part in the wedding than people notice. There are lots of small details when it comes to the flowers. You may find them on tables as centre pieces. The couple may have given out corsages as gifts to family. You may also see flowers in the entryway or the couple may have a flower arch to marry under. There are many creative ways that flowers can contribute to a wedding.

The invitations often give guests their first glimpse into what the wedding will be like. The wedding colours may be used on the invites or a theme may be included. The invitations could ask guests to wear a certain dress code or direct them to a venue that clues them into the type of wedding taking place. E.g. a beach wedding. The details on an invitation are often well thought out and sometimes completely bespoke. If you’re a member of the family, you may want to keep an invite as a token to remember the day. Coupons for budget invitations can be found at JCPenney coupons.

Favours are small gifts you leave on your wedding breakfast tables for guests, as a thank you for attending the wedding. Depending on how many guests are attending, it could be a big job putting favours together. Favours can be anything from a few sweets in lace bag to sparklers that can be lit up at the evenings fireworks display. You can find some great ideas for favours on a budget here.

Table Numbers
You can be really creative with your table numbers. Instead of using numbers for the tables, you could use places you and your partner have been. Add a place name to a piece of A5 card and tell a short story about you and your partner. It’s a great way of personalising the small details and giving your guests a glimpse into you and your relationship.

Vintage Tissues

Emotions run high at a wedding. People are happy to see the bride and groom in love and ready to take the next step as man and wife. Parents are sad to see children grow up and guests picture themselves at their own weddings. Tears are aplenty so tissues are always handy to have around. As an extra little detail to the wedding, you could provide a basket of vintage tissues at the entrance to the venue with a sign offering them to guests.

Wedding signs are becoming ever more popular, and they’re a great way of leading your guests in the right direction…in every sense. You can buy signs that say, ‘pick a seat, not a side’ to let guests know they can sit wherever they want during the ceremony. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may want to put up signs to direct people to the right area. Then, of course, there’s the seating plan which will guide people to their designated seats for the wedding breakfast. Take a look at the variety of signs to choose from.

Personalised Cocktails
Most weddings have a drinks hour after the ceremony. It gives the bride and groom time to slip away and take photographs before the wedding breakfast commences. You can personalise that drinks hour by offering signature cocktails that you and your partner love. It’s another way of showing your guests who you are and what you like. If you know some guests won’t be keen, have the bar open so they can order their own drinks while you’re gone.

Wedding Guest Book
It’s a great way of remembering the day from your guest’s perspective. As the bride and groom, you’ll be so busy at your wedding, you may miss things that are going on. Messages from your guests and family could fill in the blanks. You don’t have to go with the traditional guest book anymore. There are hundreds of different options, including a blank canvas for people to sign and little wooden hearts you can eventually frame.

Entertaining Kids
It’s a lot to ask of a child to sit there quietly throughout a ceremony and Dad’s long and boring speech (or it will be to them). Kids sometimes need some persuasion when it comes to not interrupting proceedings, but fortunately there’s lots you can do to keep them happy and quiet. For instance, you could buy personalised colour books that have pictures of wedding items and a pack of coloured pencils attached. It’s money well spent to avoid tantrums!

Table Decoration
It really depends on the theme of the wedding when it comes to table decoration. Will you add gem stones and candles for a romantic theme? Will you put gold glitzy table clothes on your Hollywood themed tables? Perhaps you just want a few sprinkles of pink confetti because that’s the colour you’ve chosen for the wedding. Whatever you choose, do you.

Napkins and Place Cards
Sure, you can get personalised napkins and pre-printed place cards, and if you’re trying to stay with a theme that may be the best idea. However, writing out place cards and folding napkins into swans can be a job for your bridal team, and it’s a brilliant bonding session. Odds are, if they’ve agreed to be your bridesmaids it’s because they love you and want to help. Give them a purpose and let them take over some of the little details. The day will be all the better for it.

Evening Lighting
Lighting has the ability to make an evening reception magical. Ask your venue for access to the room before the wedding and fill it with twinkling lights and candles. If you have a lot of children at your wedding (or clumsy adults) you may want to go for battery operated candles instead. You can also hire giant light-up letters or words, like ‘love’. The go perfectly with an evening disco.


Every detail of a wedding is important to the bride and groom, but when it comes to the wedding day, forget it all and enjoy yourself!

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