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6 Things to Do in Changi Singapore

Hello everybody!!! How’s things going on?? It’s a little overwhelming on my end with so many planning going on. I had just recently came back from Singapore. I have been to Singapore countless time but never really explore Changi side, well except the airport LOL. I find Changi is actually filled with lots of interesting activity to do with your family and friends and this side of Singapore is quite relaxing as you are surrounded by trees and beautiful sea view all around. Now let me share with you some of the things you can do in Changi.

1. Book a Far More Holistic Package

So, to fully enjoy Changi Village, I highly recommend you to stay over at least one night at Changi side. I decided to go with Far More Holistic Package stay with Changi Village Hotel and it was amazing. Needless to say my stay in Changi Village hotel is great but the activities that they include in my stay really make my entire trip much more fun and healthy too!!!

I check in pretty late that night so I was quite tired when I arrive but thank god the check in process is pretty smooth and quick.

I move into my room and laid out all my bed getting ready to take a nice long soak in the bath tub!

So happy to have high speed wifi connetion, so I can upload my bath tub moment to my insta stories hehehe!!!

I love that the bath room has a see through glass where I can peek the TV while I soak in my bath.

The room has a very simple and clean design. Suitable for those who love minimal things.

After blowdrying my hair, I lay on bed watching some “interesting” Korean Horror movie and then dooze off after that.

2. Meditating with Yoga

In the Far More Holistic package, Yoga is part of the activities included. This time around I learn another side of yoga. Beside helping to meditate and calm my mind, I learn that yoga helps to correct our posture when we are doing certain lifting or movement in day to day task. I learn a few yoga tips from Desmond especially on picking a certain thing to gaze which help to focus on the posture. This yoga session really helps to release all my work tension.

After a good yoga session, we were treated with some delicious and thirst quenching smoothie juice.

We then move to the lounge for our breakfast!!!!!!!! Just the right way to start our day!!!!

3. Garden Walk & Koi Feeding

In the hotel itself, there’s a in house garden where there’s a pond too… Such a serene walk around it. Reading book there seems like a good idea too!

Oh and fun part is you can also feed the koi in the pond!!

Haha its a great activities for families & couples!

4. EAT, EAT and EAT

So you must be wondering, what’s for lunch? You be surprised that there’s quite a number of food selection in Changi Village and some are quite famous.

First stop you shall head the FAMOUS International Muslim Food Stall Nasi Lemak (#01-03, Changi Village Hawker Centre). According to the locals, the rice is so fragrant and the sambal is bomb!!

Well if you are planning for some diet, I am sorry but here is another rice entry that you shall not missed! Sari Bistari Changi Village Famous Nasi Ayam Penyet (#01-71, Changi Village Hawker Centre) will get you screaming for more. The flavourful ayam penyet and soft grains of rice is too good to say no!

Well, besides local delicacies you can also look forward to a cup of good latte with impressive 2D & 3D art at Chock Full of Beans (Blk 4 Changi village road). There you can also order some pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and cakes to go along with your coffee.

For something more formal and romantic you can consider La Cantina in Venezia at Changi Village Hotel. Here, you will be serve authentic Italian dishes overseeing breathtaking sea view.


well honestly there’s more but if I continue on this post would be way too long… Ill list some of the other food that worth trying out here:

  • Weng Kee Ipoh Hor Fun at #01-19, Changi Village Hawker Centre
  • Indonesian Ayam Bakar at #01-79, Changi Village Hawker Centre
  • Amigo Chicken Chop Hor Fun at #01-34, Changi Village Hawker Centre
  • 89.7 Supper Club at #01-2035, Blk 5 Changi Village Road
  • Bunny and Pony is located at #01-2000, Blk 1 Changi Village Road
  • Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar at #01-2008, 1 Changi Village Road
  • A Spoonful of Sugar is located at Blk 4 Changi Village Road 01-2072
  • Choubei Japanese Restaurant: #01-03, Village Hotel Changi
  • Saltwater Cafe: Level 1, Village Hotel Changi
  • Pranakorn Thai Food at #01-2086, Blk 4 Changi Village Road
  • Bambooze Bistro at Blk 5 Changi Village Road
  • Little Island Brewing Company at :#01-01/02, Blk 6 Changi Village Rd

5. Cycling to Pulau Ubin

You can also opt to explore to Pulau Ubin, which is also know as  Granite Island. Its just a 15minute bumboat ride from Changi Ferry Terminal (within walking distance if you stayed in Changi Village Hotel). This little island is best explore by bicycle to see temples. granite quarry, prawn farms and villages.

Well, if you don’t have that much time, you can also cycle around changi beach area or to Changi beach Park just like me. Best thing is the bicycle rent is free since I got the Far More Holistic Package!

Look at the beautiful sea view….. weeeeeeeeeeee…………

My favourite sport is cycling and swimming. I am so happy that I get to do both in this trip. I needed this so badly after so much food intake!!
6. Bowling!!!
Oh boy, i think the last time I do bowling were 10 years ago??? with this package, Bowling is all on Changi Village hotel too!! So just have fun bowling, no worries on the bill!
The next time you are in Singapore do consider visiting Changi Village especially if its not your first visit. It will bring you a much laid back mood as you will be away from bustling city and surrounded by nature and sea and there’s so much delicious food to try why not? After having full meal, you get to enjoy the nature by cycling or walking which help to burn all the calories away!! Then you can eat again!!!!!!!!!! Muahahahaha….
Oh just to let you know, if you visiting Changi or if you are transiting in Singapore and will be staying for one night before your next flight departure in Singapore, consider booking the Far More Holistic package as its much more value for your money. The Far More Holistic Package starts from $250++ and includes the following:
  • One night accommodation in Club Room (free access to Club Lounge all day where there’s unlimited booze in the evening)
  • Buffet breakfast at Saltwater Cafe
  • Sunday Morning Yoga Session with refreshing Fruit Smoothies
  • Two Hour Bike Rental
  • Village Passport with cycling & walking trails
  • Free Bowling Games
  • Free Koi Feeding

For room rates with this Far More Holistic Package please checkout this link
Oh and there is also frequent shuttle to airport and scheduled shuttle to downtown.
Alright guys, I think I have to end this post before it goes longer…. See you in the next post soon!!!

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