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Arrive at Prom Looking Like the Queen You Are

I have always wanted to be a Prom Queen.. Ever wonder how to get that crown on you? Prom Queen prep is essential for the gal who is determined to wear the crown. In addition to the obvious – registering (literally and emotionally), meaning filling out paperwork or any required admin documents as well as “registering” and letting everyone you know that you are in the running, and want to win.

If you truly want to be prom queen, you’ll want to dress well everyday in school – you’ll want to be clean and fresh, hair brushed and even styled and wear light make-up. Enhance what you’ve got! But then you’ll need to turn your attention to the event at hand. You want to find a dress collection that exudes classically feminine beauty.

If you have the fortune to have great grades, being crowned prom queen is just another fantastic thing to note on your college applications. There’s not much that excites college selection committees (with the exception of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a.k.a. MIT) than a well-rounded student. A valedictorian or salutatorian who has also been on the homecoming court looks great on paper and is likely a candidate for admittance.
You can be traditional whilst being “you,” but you want to peruse unique prom dresses to fit every girl’s personal style. And, in a world where everyone is ready to doll out advice, there are some – please read with a grain of salt – who offer advice. Check out some helpful tips on how to become a prom queen. Here are some of the tips to keep in minds:
·         Become a likely candidate
·         Be friendly to everyone
·         Become involved in many activities
·         Be a school role model;
·         Stay out of trouble
·         Make sure everyone knows your name
·         Join the prom committee
·         Get a nomination
·         Start Campaigning
·         Market yourself – campaign everywhere
·         Dress the part
·         Find a  perfect dress
·         Perfect hair and make-up
·         Have a lot of fun
·         Earn the title: Deserve it, and be gracious
·         Speaking of gracious, be so if you win or if you lose
Yet another article,  “How to Be a Prom Queen”  offers fewer, and some different tips:
·         Look nice, dress well
·         Offer to help classmates and smile at them
·         Be sure you can rock a dance, hone those skills
·         Act naturally and casually – the article says it gives you confidence
·         Become active in school, join prom committee
·         Remain true to yourself – don’t change your personality or character or make friends exclusively to meet the goal of being prom queen.
·         Don’t let your study’s slack – continue to get good grades (because if you don’t it could affect your chances)!
·         Campaign, campaign. Conside fliers, give-a-ways.
Want to know if you possess the goods for the job? Seventeen magazine offers a quiz titled “Would You Make a Good Prom Queen” to be sure.
There was a time when the prom queen was an almost always generic decision in American high schools, but remarkable teens who would otherwise  — in another time — not be considered “prom queen worthy” are actually taking the coveted title.
·         Beautiful 2015 graduate and twin (of brother Ryan), Amber Mistelske of Cub Run, Kentucky, was born with Cerebral Palsey, but she made a lovely prom queen!
·         Jacob Kiefor, who has Down syndrome (says and attended Lake Central High School, not only was crowned prom king, but not a single vote was cast against him.
·         Sixteen-year-old Maka Brown of Salt Lake City, Utah, was the first transgendered teen to win prom queen.
·         Kilee Brookbank of Georgetown, despite suffering from major burns in an accident in 2015, wore a dress which prominently revealed her burns – and she won the crown.

Good luck to you girls who will be on your way to be Prom Queen.

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