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Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Wine Paring Dinner Night

What better way to start the evening with a glass of wine and selections of food for indulgence. We were invited to be part of renowned Australian brand Jacob’s Creek launch on their new blend of red wine which is said to be revolutionary in wine making history. It is held at EGG – 8 Gourmets Gala, Bandar Sunway, and we were graced by the Jacob’s Creek Brand Ambassador, Jenny Rothenberg whom had shared some insights of the wines and brief guests through an delightful food pairing session of the cuisine with sampling Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel.

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel (Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz)

The course starts with Pan seared French Foie Gras. Being a unique food, Foie Gras translates literally into “fat liver,” and it is produced of the livers of geese or ducks. The silken richness and unique texture of it makes the entire experience a unique as your taste buds take in the taste richness and it practically dissolves in your mouth akin to butter. The “Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir” would be the ideal choice as its freshness and vibrancy that compliments the finishing of the meal. It is well balanced with zest citrus flavours. One could always go for few glasses more.

Pan-Seared French Foie Gras
Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

“White Truffle Pumpkin Potage” is something looking forward to as white truffles are one of the most expensive foods on earth and on the soup, the taste would truly be different.  The rich velvety texture, sweet and soft flavours of the pumpkin is strong with a hint of the white truffle which is balanced.

White Truffle Pumpkin Potage


“Smoke Turkey Drumstick” follows up with lean turkey meat texture and serving of the sides with spicy sauce. The salad cuts refreshing with fried wedges which goes with the spicy sauce . Soft texture of the turkey.

Smoke Turkey Drumstick

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz”
On the nose you’re getting a lot of oak which is not really surprising, with aromatics of vanilla, caramel and natural product that inclines intense and dark akin to blackberry jam. It’s in like manner  of dark fruity in flavor, with a smooth texture. It’s a berry melange somewhat between raspberry, black currant and blackberry, with oak and light vanilla, and very little zest to speak of, which is somewhat baffling considering the time spend in a scotch barrel. It’s quite rounded as there is no rough edges and very forward flavour. The double barrel goes exceptionally well with the spices as the smooth finishing compliments the entree.

Oak Barrel/Whiskey Barrel

“Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz”
As being reserve, it’s every bit of goodness in the wine. It is creamy, full bodied, while lushly textured, with rich chocolate character to the black cherry fruit, deep plummy flavours, finely integrated toasty wood and hints of vanilla.

Jacob’s Creek Wine Selection

“Pan Seared Wagyu – Marbling”
Wagyu beef is different from your normal beef in that it is higher in monounsaturated fats than normal beef and smells different too. It can only be describe as a flowery sweet perfume-like scent. The meat texture is very tender and very juicy and the taste lingers on your palette for a while, being more delicately floral rather then robustly beefy. Some had coined that a perfect Wagyu steak should be served straight from the pan onto a pre-warmed plate. Keeping the steak warm ensures the taste from the marbling fat remains at its peak flavour point. Though we had the medium doneness almost melts when bite, it leaned to lukewarm. The slight sweet glaze on top to give it flavour in balance of the taste might’ve clash with the wagyu natural taste while the wine fits naturally with the Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pan-Seared Wagyu – Marbling

“Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon”
On the palate, fruity flavors are of raspberry and cherry, which is significantly lighter in tone than of Shiraz, while being brighter and more much lively. The wine itself is in overall less fruit-dominant, though, with tobacco-like notes and spice complementing the fruit with a more assertive tannic structure that lingers through each sip. To be honest not a wine drinker but if any of these notes that can actually tie to the fact that the wine had spent time in an Irish whiskey barrel, or  had perceived on the fact that the Cabernet as it already would have been. With the greater degree of complexity on display in this one is very appealing.

“Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon”
The Cabernet has been a close favourite as it delivers more complexity and proves a bit more interesting than the Shiraz. It’s quite different and distinct on the nose, with notes of leather, hind of sweetness, cola-like spice and a certain mustiness.

“Poached Lobster with Truffle Garlic Oil”
The fresh and Sweet taste of the Lobster is evident. The strong garlic blend with Truffle envelops the lobster.

Poarched Lobster with Truffle Garlic Oil
Premium Chocolate and French Macaron

We first heard about wine finished in whiskey barrels that night and it’s a relatively new technique . We love the idea and the taste too especially the  Double Barrel series from Jacob’s Creek. The Australian winery is offering two separate wines being finished this way with a Barossa Shiraz and a Coonawarra Cabernet. The Shiraz is finished in Scotch barrels and the cab is finished in used Irish whiskey barrels. It is indeed curious how those barrels would express themselves in each bottle. What we received, were two fairly different and enjoyable experiences.

Jacob’s Creek
Double Barrel – Shiraz
Reserve Shiraz

In the end, these double barrel wines are the sort of thing which rather appropriate to red wine drinkers in general. The “whiskey barrel” is used to subtly enhance particular flavors and not create a potent drink hits the alcohol note in no time. It would not be an wine cocktail as the characteristics remained a wine. So try it out when time for some quiet dine in or just a glass after a long day.

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