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Village Hotel Katong Singapore Staycation Review

Have you ever visited the east side of Singapore?  This time around, I had my staycation over in the east side of Singapore and to my surprise the day and night here is much more alive than I expected and has that Village feels that makes my stay here so enjoyable. As I arrived at Katong Village (a mini mall), I could spot a few bar and BBQ buffet across and a lot of people mostly in their 20s walking pass the restaurants. My tummy is growling already…..We then walk into the mall which connect to the hotel at the back of Katong Village to check in our luggage before we head out for dinner…

The lobby of the hotel worth stopping to look at, its infused with Peranakan details in the decors and also paintings. I really enjoy seeing these beautiful porcelain utensil and the peranakan furniture.

The staff service were really good, we check into the hotel pretty fast… As we walk into the room, we feel the room is something we have never encounter before. Every corner is filled with peranakan design details; the side table, the floor mat, the chairs and many more.

Look at the beautiful corner…

I just love the pink hues in the room, it gives a new sight to my eyes rather than the common brown, black or silver bed frame which is too mainstream… oh and how cool is that chest side table? I actually went and try to see if it can be open but nope it’s a table after all… I also like the lace curtains on the inner layers… off course that big flat wide TV is my favourites too… Get to watch movie while I try to fall asleep!

and a place where I can sit down and wear that strappy heels but usually I like to put my luggage here so I dont need to squat down to take my stuff are you the same?

Let me bring you into the bathroom…There’s quite a few new things here….

First is that they have a prefiltered water so don’t need to boil your own water just drink from the tap! How convenient!

That Grohe Rain Shower is the star of the night!!! Never felt so goood showering!! The water flow is perfect at the level i like, making the shower experience amazing!!! Bye bye stresss!!

As usual bath robe, ironing board and hair dryer is at our convenient in the room..

After checking in we went down for a quick dip in the pool… The pool area is really quiet at night so we really enjoy chatting there while enjoying the stars in the sky… We then had a quick shower and head to the East Coast road for dinner…. We went to Korean BBQ buffet…. We were so hungry and the food were so delicious and never bother to take any photos at all…hahha but here is some of the photos I googled…

Image result

and after the fulfilling dinner, we went back to bottle down the white wine my friend brought and then went to dreamland….. The next morning we woke up and went straight to breakfast.. I didn’t have much expectation. As we walk to the Katong Kitchen Restaurant, we were thrilled with the decorations… The sun ray peeking throught the window is really beautiful… Those marble table and unique peranakan furniture sure make a difference in our breakfast experience…

The breakfast has a number of peranakan delicasies like nyonya kueh, otak otak and pandan nasi lemak (in green color). I enjoyed the variant and overall the food taste really good… I especially like the omelete and the nasi lemak here…

After the breakfast, we met up with another friend and play in the pool for a while….

after playing in the pool it’s time to checkout…. We have to go for lunch at Upstairs….

We went to Bird of Paradise for some Gelato too… Oh boy their Gelato must try!!! It’s so so delicious and creammy!!

Went and walk around the East Coast road too….

Overall it was a really great experience staying in katong Village Hotel. I particularly like the decors and the vivid colour in the hotel. It’s truly a new experience and I love to stay in the hotel again on my next visit to Singapore!! For now I got to sign off!! See you in next post soon…

Village Hotel Katong
25 Marine Parade, Singapore 449536
Phone: +65 6344 2200

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