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The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum Review

Hey yall, I am back with more beauty product review…. This time I am trying out the new range from The Face Shop and guess what this is the first time I am trying Face Shop. I know you might be thinking how on earth I have not try out Face Shop… Well now is the time where I test out Face Shop skincare in details….

I have to say, I am falling in love with The Face Shop, just look at the gorgeous and glam packaging…. That gold detailed box with blue theme inside is seriously beautiful… The blue resemble ocean/ water gives me a calm feeling even before using it on my skin.

The Therapy First Serum

I got both The Therapy First Serum and Moisture Blending Formula Cream in one set. This Therapy skincare range made using European blending formula that delivers anti-aging effects on skin. I were so excited when I find out this anti aging function in a water based formula. I am fan of any water based skincare and sadly most available in the market only cater for hydration and not anti ageing.

The Therapy First Serum is created using Water Blending formula where micro crystal particle was created when essential oil is blended with natural polysaccharide. The essential oil will then quickly penetrate into the skin to maximize anti-aging and moisturizing effects.

The main ingredient Thalassotherappy Water which uses the healing properties of the sea in France containing 100times more mineral that the famous Evian mineral water. The Thalassotherappy Water deliver sea deep moisture and energy into the skin. Besides the sea water it also contains natural Esential Oil.
As the name suggest, this serum should be applied before anything else right after you cleanse your face. This serum helps to balance the skin and boost asorption of any other treatment used after it. Therefore you need to apply this before your normal serum as it helps improve the effectiveness of the serum on your skin. To apply, just pour a small amount  on your palm and gently tap on your face. This first serum feels like water and look as clear as water too….
I have been using it for almost 10days to date… I find it really help to heal my pimple scar fast and even though I am quite stress but I did not encounter growth of huge acne like I used to have before this. I also like the simple wording label on the bottle, it look very European and Vintage. Also love that it’s glass, it just make me feel the money paid for the serum worthwhile as it does look classy. Only set back is that the scent is too strong and it’s not the usual light and calm scent you find on any water based product.
Moisture Blending Formula Cream
The Moisture Blending Formula Cream (MBFC) contains two layer to counteract the problem of overly oily oil based skincare and lack of hydration gel formula.
The Upper layer is a Moisture oil gel cream containing Thalassotherapy water and 3 essential oils (Sandal Woodm avocado and palmarosa. On the other hand the Lower Layer is a Rich moisture cream that’s provide anti aging effect to the skin.
The MBFC comes in two layer, where you need to mix manually for 10 seconds before using it on the skin. MBFC will ensure your skin is hydrated all the time by deliverling instant and long lasting moisture oil barrier.
I were a little confused when I open the MBFC and saw the two layer. I have never encounter such product, usually they are premixed or it comes in a separate twin nozzle where I can dispense both layer at on go at same amount. So after finding out I need to mix it manually, I mix it using spatula and it turn into a gel moisture cream which is non oily and greasy when fully absorp onto skin. It absorp fast so I feel comfortable using on day time and night time too… The only set back is that the similar scent with the first serum which I dislike. However if you are fan of musk scent you might like the scent!! Other than that it did well to my skin locking the moisture in!!

Here is my skin before and after using the The Therapy range. Honestly without looking at the pictures I don’t feel much difference adding the first serum in my routine. Changing my moisturiser with the MBFC does not makes my skin go haywire but also does not makes much difference. However, when look at the picture, my skin look much smoother and more radiance. I was shocked looking at the after pictures because I was long due on the facial session. I was thinking my skin gonna look so dull and might have breakout too since I’m on the week of the month and feeling stress out at work too… But look my skin look so radiant in the picture….

One thing though the MFBC is also good to use for night time as it’s light but nourishing enoug for my sleep time under air conditioned room…. I also like that both does not makes my skin feel greasy at all…the First Serum feel like water and I love it…. The only set back is the overly strong musky perfume scent… Well maybe some will like it… Let me know if you have try out this Therapy range and if you like the scent… If you interested to try, you can purchase it at The Shop Store nationwide.

The Therapy First Serum, 130ml retails at RM 148.29 (includes GST)
The Therapy Moisture Blending, 50ml retails at RM 185.48 (includes GST)

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