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Sanoook Thai-Japanese Fusion Food Review @ Sunway

Hi everyone, we’re back with another food adventure and it’s nothing short of exciting burst of taste.

Located at the extended building next to Sunway Pyramid, Sanoook is a Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant, managed by the team behind Chakri Palace Fine Thai Cuisine. Experimenting fusion without compromising the core cuisine that it is familiar to many, we’ll expect to see traditional delicacies with modern touch on Sanoook menu.


Interior Dining
Spacious Seating (For large group)

Without further adieu, let’s explore the fascinating culinary fusion between Thai and Japanese.

Serving on the hot pans is part of the trio delights that would entice onlookers in its steaming and fiery taste.

Skewers on hot pan

The Salmon Belly Skewer w Lime Chili Sauce looks like an ordinary skewer line up. however the soft texture and moist salmon with its belly glaze that gives every bite of taste and spice up with its lime chili sauce.

Salmon Belly Skewer w Lime Chili Sauce (2 pc) – RM 39.90

The Chicken Skewer w Massaman Sauce is complemented by the sauce which that has the familiar taste and chicken texture is tender as evident in the bite.

Chicken Skewer w Massaman Sauce (2 pcs) – RM 17.90

A meal must have some greens for balance, thus Vegetable Skewer w Sanoook Sauce. Grilled on the flame, the vegetable is surprisingly moist and the sauce envelops the vegetable with a hind of sourish sweet.

Vegetable Skewer w Sanook Sauce (2 pcs) – RM 15.90

The Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach & Mixed Mushroom served w Teriyaki Sauce would be ideal for some burst of flavor as the tuna is lightly fried on the outer layer, maintaining the texture moist and natural taste of the tuna. The spinach gives a balance between teriyaki sauce and the tuna.

Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach & Mixed Mushroom w Teriyaki Sauce – RM 28.90

Sanoook Salad Japanese Cucumber wrapped w Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple is a salad delight with the multi combination of sashimi salmon and the blend of avocado with baked apple tossed into the mix, giving a mouthful of taste.

Sanoook Salad Japanese Cucumber wrapped w Salmon, Avocado & Baked Apple – RM 29.90

Firing up another cylinder of spice is Tuna Sushi w Tom Yam Sauce. The sushi is doused with special blend Tom Yam sauce that is tad spicy and hind of sweetness which goes well with the tuna sushi.

Tuna Sushi w Tom Yam Sauce – RM 27.90

Still heating from the previous is the Thai Coconut Soup w Chicken Wonton. The fresh taste of coconut milk infused with spice which is akin to Tom yam but mild version. The wonton is rather bland and for some read I find the combination is rather weird. We love the soup a lot….

Thai Coconut Soup w Chicken Wonton – RM 16.90
Thai Coconut Soup (Pouring)

Another round of skewer as we have the Beef Skewer w Green Curry Sauce. The beef is tad tough as grilled on the skewer may have drained the natural moist in the texture though the green curry is delish. A tinge of spicy and mild flavours of the aroma is distinct.

Beef Skewer w Green Curry Sauce (2 pcs) – RM 18.90

The Phad Thai Noodle reminds locals of the similarity on the fried noodle but it’s tad nuttier and fragrance with the fresh bean sprout and spice. It’s tasty on its own right and one could gone munching on it.

Phad Thai Noodle – RM 23.90

After a good warm up and firing all cylinders, time to cool off with the Thai Volcano. It’s Thai milk tea ice shaved into a bowl with taro balls and slivers of nuts. Tad sweet though which could be attribute by the mixture of flavours earlier.

Thai Volcano – RM 18.90

Thai Spiky Lemongrass Tea is ideal drink for quench of thirst and to clear the palate after getting into assortment of flavours.

Thai Spiky Lemongrass Tea – RM 10.90

With assortment of items in the menu and a variety of taste to explore, check it out now.

Sanoook Japanese Thai Restaurant
Lot 4, Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid West Hotel,
47500 Petaling Jaya,
Opening Hours:
Mon – Wed (10AM – 11PM)
Thu – Sat (10AM – 12am)
Sun (10AM – 11PM)

Visit their Facebook at:

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