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Aki Hair Studio @ Verve Shop Mont Kiara Review

Hello lovelies how have you been? My day is getting busier now as I am working on a small project which I hope to reveal really soon, just be sure to follow me on Instagram….Back to today topic, I did a 50/50 hair colour… You must be wondering what is 50/50? It’s where you dye your hair in two part with two different colour… I was a little nervous when my stylist Masa told me that he gonna dye my hair in 2 different colour parting my hair….

I got my hair done at Aki Hair Studio, a new place I just discovered recently while I do my nails at Yu Nail + Eyelash Academi Et Salon. This hair studio is located at Verve Shop Mont Kiara. The entire hair studio is so well decorated and everything look so instaworthy. Let me walk you through the beautiful salon.

Your husband or bf can read some magazines here while waiting for your hair or nails to be done… The nail salon is just next door.
The whole salon gives me a feel like I’m in a cafe, only difference is that there is many mirror surrounding it…
This is Aki workdesk.. I heard from my friend that Aki was one of the director in Number 76 before this and he has now open his own salon….
This positive quotes really motivating!! Let’s start creating!
This little bottle of plant give me inspiration to decor my home….
This area is very interesting… I never thought it can look so pretty hanging all these tubes… It  gave me another DIY decor idea.

Alright, let take a break from the salon interior and talk about what Masa do to my hair…

He first bleach my hair and then colour one side of my hair with blue and another side purple….

I also request to trim and layer my hair bottom section has the previous hair is too thick to handle… Drying takes forever. This is the colour right after the dye.

and One day after the dye it look like this…

Masa did not do any heat nourishing treatment for my hair because he want’s to keep the hair colour stays for a few days. My hair do feel really dry after the bleach since he only use normal rinse off hair treatment…  The colour stays for first week even I wash my hair everyday… The below picture is my hair after 10days, still look very bold and blue….

after that, I told Masa I needed hair treatment because my hair tangles badly and really dry… So I visit him again for hair treatment. Masa uses Moisture Treatment from Number Three brand, also a Japan brand. First they spray treatment liquid containing collagen and protein. Followed by spraying cuticle water and also applying Cuticle care cream after that.
Here is how my hair look after the hair treatment, the purple faded to pink colour and my blue faded to green ashy tone… Sometime it can look like grey…

I really love the colour of my hair and I never thought I can pull off a 50/50 colour. I first saw this colour on Shei ANTM. The only thing is that I find their chair can be a little stiff to sit for hours. I really hope they could place a cushion on the chair.

*update: I also find that the way they layer my hair is a little too extreme that I feel my hair at the bottom is too thin!

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Aki Hair Studio
Level 6, Verve Shops @ Mont’ Kiara
5, Jalan Kiara, Solaris Mont Kiara
50480, Kuala Lumpur


  • Sharon Ong

    Following your recommendation, I went to Aki Hair Studio yesterday. My experience was extremely unpleasant. Aki is very unprofessional. I went for a simple dye touch up and he totally botched it up. After he finished I still found many strands of grey hair. When I told him about it, I was totally astonished when he simply replied – ‘so?’. He did not even apologise for his total incompetence. I was really taken aback by his manner and told him, ‘aren’t you going to rectify it?’ After some contemplation, he agreed to redo the job. I ended up subjecting myself to the harmful dyes a second time, this time without scalp protection! Moreover, my family and I had to spend another hour and a half at the hairdresser and had to cancel our planned outing to the cinema. I had spent so much of money only to be left miserable and with an aching head and throughout the ordeal not a word of apology from this idiot Aki.

    • Cindy Tong

      I have forwarded your complain to aki. I hope he had contact you to see what he can do to make you feel better or compensate you in a way that you will be happy with it. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dato' Dr Siva Ananthan

    I took my wife to have her hair coloured at this salon as it had an impressive rating on Google Review.

    When we arrived they couldn’t even find our reservation and they kept us waiting at the reception counter for 10 minutes until they finally located the piece of paper on which it was written (totally unprofessional).

    My wife basically wanted a simple touch up of her grey hair and she was being attended to by an assistant, when I enquired why we were paying RM198 for a Director when the job is being done by a stylist whose rate is much lower. She informed me that’s because we booked Aki and that’s the rate although colouring is normally not done by a Director. Quite contrary to what she was saying, when we made the booking the receptionist recommended Aki to do the hair colouring. This is false advertising.

    So I informed them that since we booked and are paying for a Director, Aki, he should do it. Aki took over the job but didn’t look too pleased about it. After the job was finished, I was shocked to discover large patches of grey hair. When I pointed this out to Aki, his response was a nonchalant ‘so?’ I was totally taken aback by his gross incompetence and unprofessional behaviour. Not even a word of apology for his botched up efforts. Finally, he agreed to redo it again and we wasted an extra hour and a half for the same job to be done again. Not to mention subjecting my wife’s scalp to the harmful chemicals in the dye for a second time, this time without the scalp protector. Furthermore, after the first wash, three days later, the dye was still leaking and our bathroom was soiled by the dye.

    Overall, this is a highly overrated and unprofessionally run hair salon. I wouldn’t ever go back there again nor will I recommend it to any of my friends. Aki must be racist because he seemed to be very cordial with his Chinese and Japanese customers but treated us with indifference.

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