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10 Top Places to Visit Macao in 1 Day

Before my visit to Macao I ask myself if 1 day is sufficient to cover Macao and now that I have return from Macao I can give you an exact answer. The answer is no but in 1 Day you will be able to cover a few interesting spot that one must visit when in Macao. Macao is a small island just an hour of ferry ride away from Hong Kong. Macao. Macao has a long history since the Portugese era and to date you can see Chinese Temples built on top of Portuguese traditional tiles, Portuguese named street, Portuguese local delicacies is all over Macao and since Macao was returned to Chinese, cantonese dialects is often used in Macao. We managed to visit a number of site around Macao Penisula & Taipa side too. Let’s jump into the first must visit, non other than the Ruin St Paul

Ruin of St. Paul’s

The only remaining of St Paul Catheral it the flight of stairs up to the main entrance of the catheral. Complex of St. Paul’s College and the Cathedral of St. Paul was originally built in the 16th century and were burnt down. Numerous repair attempt had been made but during it’s final fire in a typhoon in 1835 left it beyond repair. Remember to come here as early as you could other wise you might be pack in a sea of human sardine….

How to go: Walk from Sofitel to Senado Square and all the way up to Ruin of St Paul

St. Dominic’s Church

As you walk down from Ruin of St Paul heading to Senado Square you will sure cam across this Pastel Yellow St Dominic church. The church is constructed by the Dominicans in 1587 using wooden plans and an erected cross due to the tight budget. Later on when they have more budget, they import some quality timber to transform it into this beautiful church. This church is dedicated Our Lady of the Rosary.

How to go: Walk from Ruin of St Paul

Senado Square

Senado Square is like a urban centre (meeting point) for everyone. Many public event and celebration were held here. Surrounded by pastel colour building and an iconic water foundtain is a perfect spot to catch a break before walking down to Ah Ma temple. There is sitting bench under shady tree and you get purchase some refreshing drink from the stall behind.

On the side there is this narrow path that I find it look really interesting..

Mercado De S. Domingos Municipal

Enough resting, we move straight for a local Macao lunch at Mercado De S.Domingos Municipal Complex. It’s located one block away from Senado Square. Get to Senado Square, walk pass fountain and look for sasa which could be on your right, Rua Norte Do mercado De S. Domingos is the lane of the left hand side and just walk along that lane you will be able to locate the market. I really enjoy having my breakfast here as I get to experience the Macao morning market scene.

How to go: Walk from Senado Square

I see many locals queuing for their food in front of the stall while the stall owner cook the food really quick. We order from two shop that has long queue …. First we order this hotpot that comes with option to choose from beef, lamb or pork.

Another shop is serving beef brisket, you can order it with/ without noodles…

Last shop that we order is called Kitty. It’s one of my favourite. They served the best pork chop!! The dumpling is equally good too!

St Augustine’s Church

Now that we are full, we shall walk up hill to the St Augustine’s Church. At the St Augustine Square you will find yourself surrounded by pastel green building. St Augustine’s Church is one of oldest churches in Macao as well as Macao’s first church for English Mass. This historical church has marble altar, enshrining the statue of Jesus on the Cross.. Every year, on first weekend of the Lent, whole assembly solemnly will bring Jesus to the Cathedral of Macao on the first day and on the second day, Jesus will be brought back to St Augustine’s Church.

How to go: Walk from Senado Square

If you still have time, you can continue your visit to Ah Ma Temple, just down the slope… We were trying to catch the 12am ferry so we skip the temple and took bus straight to Taipa side to visit the famous Venetian. If you have more time to spare do visit Taipa Village too…

The Venetian

Need not further introduce, this is a must visit if you are in Macao. I have been to the original Venice in Italy but still I am quite impressed with the this replica of Venice. The wall art, moving clouds and gondola look really realistic. The Venetian offer shopping and entertainment under one roof. and skip the shopping in Hong Kong because there is more sale in Macao than Hong Kong. If you are feeling a little lucky go and try your luck at the casino.

How to go: Took bus 31X from Senado Square

Lord Stow

Remember to visit Lord Stow located inside Venetian as well. Their Portuguese Tart are really good. I am missing it now while I am typing here.

Lord Stows Bakery & Café
Level 3,2119A,
The Grand Canal Shoppes,
The Venetian, Macao.
Galaxy Macao

We shall now go for casino tour in Macao. Macao is well know as Las vegas of Asia…. We did not went in Galaxy but it does look really grand outside.. It look so luxe in day and night time…

How to go: Took bus 31X from Senado Square, they are also a numbers of other bus available.

Grand Lisboa

Grand Lisboa is like an iconic casino in Macao because of it’s unique modern tower with colourful dome design.


Located just beside of Grand Lisboa, feature a gold platinum glass building.

So yeah this concludes my 1 day tour in Macao. I hope to return to Macao again because there is so many site that I have not visited.
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Signing off now bye bye….

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