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Tao Personalised & Intimate Wedding Series

Are you looking for a private and Intimate Wedding Dinner location? Tao Wedding packages will be the right choice for you. Experienced a modest and intimate wedding reception at Tao Chinese Cuisines, featuring a distinctive peach blossoms setting for guests to celebrate the special day with a perfect blend of authentic Chinese touch and luxury with spectacular, cloud-like inspired ceiling that grants the momentous impression of dining under the stars. Be impressed by the display of Tao unique ornate Chinese teapots that have been collected from around Asia.

Treat your close family and friends with an artistic approach of culinary experience pioneered by executive Chinese and Red Majesty chef Wong Lian You’s style that creatively blends traditional items with a modern presentation. Tao can accommodate up to 100 guests, perfect for couple who are looking for a more private and intimate celebration. Tao offer two menu options including eight course at RM 2888.00 nett per table of ten person and six course at RM 3888,00 nett per table of ten person.

I am honoured to be able to sample the 6 course meal last week. Let me walk you through these delicate dish.

First up is the Tao Gourmet Combination Platter, the oyster impressed everyone as the unique mango sure make the palate very appetizing and ready for the next dish.

Up next is the golden looking Braised North Canadian Lobster Claw with Bird’s Nest, Fish Maw in Golden Broth. It’s thick and smooth filled with fresh flavour of the lobster and fish maw.

Moving to the main dish, Crispy Cod with Fruit Mayonaise Dressing in Yam Ring. The cod is really good and fresh but I wish the yam ring will be crispier.
Coming up is my favourite, Braised Australian Five Head Abalone, Morel Mushroom Dumpling, Farm Greens. The abolone is so juicy cook to perfection, I really enjoy every bite. Dumpling is really unique but not enough to vow me just yet.
The final main is Kai Lan Ginger Fried Rice with Crabmeat Glaze. Since I am not a ginger fans so I could be really biased. Just not my plate of rice.
Dessert were Chilled Peach Gum, Pear, Snow Fungus with Red Date Syrup and also a cute steamed pao with lotus. I love the chilled dessert as it’s really cooling and not overly sweet.
During the sampling session.Keith Kee also showcase some of his Chinese Bridal Gown Collection.
All in all I think the food were quite delicious just require minor tweak here and there and all will be good. Thank you for reading my post. I wish you congratulation if you are bride/groom to be. May you have a blessed marriage. Bye bye XOXO!

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