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Herbaline Spa Party

Hello lovelies…  being massage and spa fan I always happy to find new affordable place for spa… Honestly before this I thought Herbaline are place for slimming only…. I was wrong they also have facial, spa, massage, restaurant and also hotel for you to stay over after your spa treatment how relazing? Herbaline concept is to provide top quality treatment and service at a affordable price so that everyone can enjoy pampering session. Herbaline reduce their operation cost by having everything under one roof to reduce rental cost, for example renting whole building instead of separate store front. I guess that is one of the reason why this puchong branch is located nearby factory area. I was surprise that it look pretty safe to go even at night… I was a little skeptical when I see their location is near factory but they are well lighted and they located quite nearby to the main highway or main shop rows….

I get to have a little tour around their facility that day… Before you begin any treatment, the staff will let you take a deep breathe on this aromatherapy scent which help to relax your mind and soul.

Guest can go for Fish Foot Spa & Sea Salt Foot Spa treatment & as a complimentary service from Herbaline if you purchase any treatment from Herbaline.
This is a room filled with sea salt where you actually can buried your entire body into it… it’s feels like playing sand on the beach but this is salt…haha… The seasalt in the room is imported from Milan. The salt will helps to discharge the static electricity from our body.  Usually after the salt treatment it will be followed by scrub, mask and then a nice shower.
Shower Room
The massage chair…. Really very relaxing….ahhh..
There is also couple massage room…wooo so nice I wanna bring my husband here…

This is single facial and massage room.

Picture with Leona while waiting for dinner..

After the tour, we move on to healthy eating. Mama Kim Restaurant is also part of Herbaline and they serve healthy food that features 80% Vegetable & 20% meat.

First let’s take a sip of Lemongrass tea…

Tried the salad, which I really love the dressing and that it has grapes inside..Yum yum..

I got to sample their signature Sauna Mee which is really yummy!!!!! I can’t wait to go back for this piping hot noodle!!!!! If you like claypot noodle you will like this more!

You can try their body massage at only RM88 for 75 minutes or Relaxing Facial treatment at RM 69.
Happy pampering, see you in my next post.
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