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EVE de Beaute Cocktail Massage Review

You know how much I love massage? It’s one thing I could not live without in my life… The only reason I work hard is that I can afford more massage hahaha!! Are you the same? Raise your hand if you do too! So I have been a loyal customer of Eve de Beaute for a long time… I wanted to share with you girls about this facial but I have so many backlog that I didn’t have time to share about this place yet but when they introduce this Cocktail Massage I have to share with you guys!!!!!!!!! and you know I don’t usually sign up for any facial or massage package if I don’t like it and the fact that EVE de Beaute located quite a distance away from my home (about 30+minutes without jam) I still sign up because it so darn good and the price is very affordable for me.

EVE de Beaute located near Kota Damansara just nearby the Dr Cafe. They have both facial and massage. I sign up for their facial and massage package permanently… I already sign up for the second round already….. Yeah I like them that much… I will share with you on the facial in a separate post soon but for now let me focus on the fun cocktail massage.

So what is this cocktail massage about? It’s a more fun way of having massage with different unique cocktail flavour that will light up your massage session instead of the common lavender or lemongrass essential oil scent.  There is 3 different cocktail to choose from, Pina Colada, Mojito & Cosmopolitan. There fruity cocktails will bring you into the lounge and chic universe of a Parisian Bar, or int the colourful and trendy one of a cofffe at Miami…. Ahhh it’s like holidaying in a paradise…

Pina Colada

The most exotic one, with it’s touches of pineapple and coconut coming from faraway destinations! Pina Colada nourish and protect skin from effects of free radical.


The freshest one, with its notes of mint and lime. It will favours the massage and give a soft touch to the skin.


The sweetest one, with it’s notes of Cranberry. This will help to nourish and soften the skin.

This is how the room look like… I do my facial and massage in the same room too….

So the session starts with a cocktail body scrub which you can choose your preferred cocktail type from the above selection. The chosen cocktail will also be use for the body massage later. The cocktail scrub contained iced-up scrubbing base with hydrating properties which gives softness and comfort to the skin. Its a sugar scrub which help with exfoliating removing all dead cell from the skin leaving radiant skin after the scrub.

After that, i move to the jacuzzi where they prepared a bubble bath in a jacuzzi for me to soak in. So usually I will soak in the jacuzzi for a good 10-15minutes while I facebook-ing or instagramming lol!

Notes: I always use  my own bubble bar and bath bomb for soaking so if you are using the bubble bath they prepared you may not get as much bubble as the one you see in my picture… Their bubble bath are equally good but I just like to use Lush one because I love seeing the colours and the fizzing bath bomb.

After soaking, I proceed to the cocktail body massage. First she do a 20minutes hot stone body massage. I seriously love the hot stone massage, its my favourite part of the massage… After that she will proceed for 1hour body massage using the cocktail body oil. I actually like the cocktail oil more as it’s less sticky and smell really sweet… I chose the cranberry ones…. I actually tried 3 different massage in Eve, candle oil massage, essential oil massage and now cocktails one… The massage style is same only the product used is different. I like candle oil and cocktail ones… Candle oil is very moisturizing and nourishing so if you have dry skin you should opt for candle massage… Cocktail massage is more fun and the scent is really fresh and young… Also the texture is less oily so it feels lighter on the skin but still moisturising to the skin.

The reason I like Eve de Beaute is that they are very very friendly…. If you like someone to chat with you when you doing massage or facial look for them…Sometime when they would ask if I like to chat or sleep on my treatment, so nice of them…. They never push me to buy product like no hard sell at all….. Also their jacuzzi facility is my favourite.. Everytime after my facial I will soak in their jacuzzi…So this is the place where I used up all my Lush bubble bar and bath bomb la… I don’t have a bath tub at home hehe.. The masseur skill is really good and I love how they massage me…..

So if you like to try this Cocktail Massage they are giving 50% off for first trial. Only RM 144 for first trial and RM 288 NP.  The cocktail massage includes:
– Mineral Salt + Jacuzzi Spa
– Full body scrub
– Hot Stone Massage
– Cocktail Oil Massage

Or if you like to try facial & massage, first trial is also RM144 but you get candle oil instead of cocktail oil. It includes the following:
– Mineral Salt + Jacuzzi Spa
– Full body scrub
– Hot Stone Massage
– Candle Oil Massage
– Anti-Stress Cocoa Facial/ Instensive Aroma Purifying Facial/ Intensive Aroma Soothign Facial
– Eye Treatment

So happy massaging and let me know how you like it ya!!! Thanks for reading my long review ahahha…See you in the next post soon muahhh…

Eve de Beaute
2nd Floor, The Strand, 2A-2,
Jalan PJU 5/20D, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
HP:+60 16-221 9433

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