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Sisley Phyto Lip Twist & Phyto Eye Twist Review

Hello girls, how you have been doing??? Today gonna share with you this makeup brand that are pretty new to me, though I heard of it’s name but I have never try or swatch their product before…… Let me present to you Sisley Makeup. I remember seeing Sisley in departmental store like Parkson or Metrojaya and honestly I feel Sisley are more known for their fashion rather then cosmetic…. Anyway today we are going to focus only on their Pytho Lip Twist & Phyto Eye Twist.

Phyto Lip Twist is long available since 2014 but recently they have added 6 new summery shades into the twist collection. The new 6 summery shades are 11 Litchi, 12 Melon, 13 Poppy, 10 Sugar & 14 Love.

This Phyto Lip Twist are like any other crayon lipstick, well it’s like stick but in a form of crayon for easy application. I fancy the zebra pattern on the packaging which enable easy identification when searching them in my stash as the zebra stripe separates them from other lip crayons or lipsticks that I have in my stash. The only setback I have with crayons is when I always have to worry I will break the lipstick when I placed the cap back in….. I still prefer lipstick over crayon though crayon is easier to draw but generally i like the feeling of applying lipstick over crayon lipstick… Does this make sense? Do you feel this way too? it’s just feel more glamorous drawing my lip using lipstick than crayon lipstick.. So here is the full swatches of the lip twist… Sadly the swatch for the new shades is not available 🙁

I find the formula of this lip twist are really creamy and moisturising to my lip and yet not overly buttery to the point it make my lips greasy and oily…It’s the perfect formula for my lip…Just right, however the colour I got is a little too nude to be seen… I might use it as a concealer for my lip or use it for no make up day as it look good for my bare skin! This is how it look on my lips… I am wearing 11 Litchi.

Pretty sheer I will say… I am not sure if other colour will look more opaque on my lip but when swatching I find most of the shade is quite sheer….

Phyto-Eye Twist has 4 new shades this summer which gives a skinny and oversize outline to your eyes…The eye twist is waterproof and rich in pigments. It also contains mother-of-pearl to reflect the light and illuminate the iris. The new shades are 9 Pearl, 10 Amethyst, 11 Copper and 12 Emerald.

I really like the eye twist… It’s really great to use when I’m in rush of time; all I need to do is just fill my entire lid with this eye twist and use finger or blending brush to blend it out and the eye is done… How easy and convenient…. The colour is very pigmented and very easy to blend on the eyes… I got the colour 5 Lagoon which is a beautiful turquoise with a little shimmer in it. It’s not too much of shimmer so it’s still wearable on day time…. Here is all the swatch that I got, again not full colour swatch still….

Here is the eye look I did using this eye twist and lip twist from sisley…

I match with a purple and brown eyeshadow to tone it down for day look… It turn out really pretty isn’t it?  Let me know how you think about this eye look… I wanted the turqoise to be more V-shape instead of triangle but I use the wrong technique.. So maybe next round I’ll try to make a V-shape instead of this blended traingle shade… I still like how it turn out though because it gave a sweet smoky effect perfect for a pop of colour this spring…..

Alright gals… I shall end this post here… See you in the next post soon muacks….

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