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Dragging Myself to Exercise!!!

Warning: This will be a chatty and wordy post!! Just sharing my life and rant a little la….You may click “X” if you feel bored with this kinda post hhahahaha!

I don’t know about you but I always gave reasons for not doing exercise… Yes I am busy but I feel it’s just an excuse…. If I really wanted to do it no matter how busy I will find time to go…. Sadly, at this moment where I am typing this still I am quite reluctant to move my body stilll as of now… But But I am so proud of myself as last weekend I force myself to Zumba x KPop Fitness!!!!!!!!! It was hard decision….I keep refrain myself from moving from the food review…..

I woke up earlier than usual last Saturday, put on full makeup as I planning to record some OOTD video (new VIDEO coming soon) and since I have food review so my make don’t go to waste… I have no idea why but I feel stupid to put on makeup and going no where after that and removing it is just plain stupid or silly…Do you feel the same too???? and sharp at 10am I left house and head for hair treatment at Pro Hair Salon! Oh boy oh boy, i can’t stop touching my hair after the treatment, more in a separate post later….

So you see, I have nice make up on and hair nicely done, how can I ruin it at the zumba class??? and I need to wash hair again after that gaahh… Anyway, I head to HOPP cafe for review after the hair treatment…. I did however bring my workout clothing (at least I still have heart to go exercise)…. So food review begin at 2pm and the Zumba class start at 4pm… Toward 3pm Kak Ella text me and asking me to come over and join them….Me dressed beautifully with a full tummy feel really really reluctant to go….and I am so full eating all the pizza & rice….At 4 pm, I feel well it’s too late but some how there’s a guilt in me la…. I feel like i need to exercise!!!!!!!!! So I text Kak Ella again and she said just come over….it’s alright even if the dance started! So, I made up my mind and I speed (in a safe speed) over to SRJK Chong Wen in Kuchai Lama….

While I was driving, I was rather worried that i couldn’t find the place and not sure if they allow me to enter since I was supposed to be Kak Ella plus one and she not replying my message… Guess she busy shaking her body in the hall ahahhaha….I’m glad that the organizer let me in after I inform her Kak Ella name, super popular la you Ella (if you are reading) hahaha……


It was a really fun dancing workout… Had so much fun dancing Zumba and also Kpop by Work Out Studio in Kuchai Lama!!!!!! Kpop fitness were very popular in Singapore and now they are in Malaysia starting in Jun 2016….. During the Kpop dance, they really teach easy to follow move like how those korean pop artist dance in Kpop music video…. So after a few classes maybe I can dance like Kpop artist but not sure if I am as sexy as them….hahaha…

I was all wet and it’s been a long time since I sweat this much!!! I am so proud of myself, even though I am with full makeup, nicely curled up hair I still went to petrol station and get changed just to go to the dancing classs…. Let me have some moment perasan abit for working out hahah!!! Thank You Kak Ella for making me shake shake and move my body and most importantly making my day end with such a good vibesss!!!

I am looking into joining the Zumba and Kpop Fitness class monthly as I really like the fun and encouraging move…. It makes me wants to continue dancing unlike cardio where i usually end up standing or jus pack my bag and go home….

“I am looking for dance workout partner or swim partner…Let me know if you are interested!!”

and if you are interested in the dancing class you checkout more info on their FB page. here is the class schedule at Work Out Studio in Kuchai Lama.

After the dance, I happily went to Midvalley to hunt for Sunglasses and I found one….. Show you in my haul post later….now I am hunting for a pair of nice wedges but still no luck yet! Gahhh my wide fit always give me trouble finding the right heel!!!!!!!!!!

Okla I think I shall stop my ranting here….. Hope you guys have a good weekend ahead okie??? bubyeeeeeeeee….

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