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Hair Colour for Damaged Hair

Hello everybody..How’s your first week of January going so far??? My hair has been damaged after went through numerous bleach…. Anyone who bleach their hair will know what I am talking about your hair will not return to your original hair condition no matter how many treatment you go. However some treatment to help improve the condition on the hair but not revert to original condition. So I went to my hairstylist Michelle and told her I needed a new colour for my hair but I do not want to further damaged my hair as I want my hair to look good on my wedding in few months time….. Michelle then pick a colour to dye on my hair that will least damaged my hair and also did a treatment to nourish my hair.

She pick a dark colour to match my original black hair colour on the root so that the root can leave un-dye…Such a brilliant idea…. I have never dye a dark colour in my life before and to be honest I am quite worried when I am sitting there waiting for the hair treatment to complete…

Thank god the whole colouring + treatment process takes less than 2 hour…. It was such a relief and this is the first time I do not need to sit for 5hours (min) to dye my hair.. This is because first they never bleach my hair because it will cause more damage if do so… I am so happy with the outcome and also right after the hairdo I went to a mall buying grocery la…and guess what a few person actually compliments my hair colour…. Imagine the joy hahahahah….
Here is how my hair colour look under the sun
and this is indoor…
This hair colour are meant to be temporary so it will fade off to different color in  a week or longer…Mine start to fade in one week to kind  like more ashy silver …
I really like the colour as it’s something unusual for me and then ever since I went and purchase a few dark colour clothings since most of my cloths are cream and pastel in colour… Below picture were about 3 weeks after and it slowly fading back to my copperish colour base…
My entire hair colour plus treatment only cost RM360, very affordable range I would say and both the hair colour & treament she used is from Matrix. Sso how do you like my hair colour?? I am about to dye my hair soon just before my wedding…Did you also have a new hair colour for new year? Share with me your new hair colour and tag me k? I got to go now.. Bye..
p/s: I did my hair at Scissors Palace which is the salon that I am going to visit more frequent now….
The Scissors Palace
No 1, Plaza Prima Villa, Jalan 19/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL
Contact No: 03-6203 1810

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