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Selecting the Right Type of Laser Hair Removal for Your Situation

Are you considering having laser hair removal done at a local clinic? If your answer is yes then you need to understand one very important thing. Laser devices are made with different components and for different purposes. Even though there is a group of machines devoted to removing unwanted hair, it doesn’t mean that they all work the same way or are as effective on the same types of people. The fact is that they aren’t.
In order to make sure that you get the best results from your own personal treatment process, you have to take the time to find the right device for your situation. Before you can do that, you have to understand the factors that can change the outcome of your treatment.

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The Colours of Your Hair and Skin Matter

The first thing you need to look at is how your skin colour compares to your hair colour. That’s because some lasers are better equipped to handle dark hair against light skin. They are designed to basically track darkness and zap it away. If your skin is dark and your hair is comparatively light, they could zap the wrong thing, which is a result that you definitely don’t want.
On the other hand, there are skincare devices that are capable of treating light coloured hairs. They can just sometimes be a little harder to find. Luckily, technicians who are properly trained know enough to address this issue with you and recommend the device that will be best for your skin.

Hair Thickness and Size of the Area to be Treated Also Matter

Another consideration is the thickness of the hair to be treated, and also the size of the area that it covers. Certain lasers are better suited to precisely zapping away pesky, somewhat random, or thin hairs. But there are other skin treatments that are better for getting rid of larger patches of hair that are growing in thickly together.

Underlying Skin Issues Also Need to be Addressed

Before you have any skincare treatments to get rid of hair, you also need to ask yourself if you have any other skin conditions that could interfere with the process. Possible skin problems that could interfere would be things like excessively oily skin, eczema or acne. If you have any of those skin conditions, you may still be able to have your unwanted hair treated, but the solution might be a little more complicated. The clinic that you choose can help you figure out a treatment plan. So make sure to inform the clinic on your skin conditions ya….

When You’re Ready, Look at Different Laser Types

After you have carefully talked about your skin with an expert, you will be ready to narrow down which laser treatments might be best for you. You could opt for a milder form of treatment, such as intense pulsed light devices. On the other hand, maybe a stronger yttrium-aluminium-garnet YAG laser would be a better choice. It all depends on which categories your skin and hair fall into, but an expert can help you to make a final choice.

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