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Fancier Hair Spa In Depth Scalp Treatment Review

Halorrr how is your week huh?? It was a really stressful week for me as I was tied up at work.. Therefore this review is a bit overdue hahaha…. But this is really a very in depth and effective scalp treatment I ever experienced. Have you ever try pumping in oxygen into your hair scalp? The staff even told me many celebrities even pump oxygen onto their face….. This is actually my first time experiencing pumping oxygen onto my skin… I’m so excited to tell you girls all about it… Let me explain this scalp treatment step by step in details yaaa…



Fancier Hair Spa located in Bangsar Shopping Centre Floor second level… Fancier Hair Spa focus on scalp treatment and recovery services tailored according to individual hair conditions. So at Fancier Hair Spa, they will analyse you hair condition in dept and provide suitable treatment to make your hair look healthy again. They uses La  Biosthetique product for all their treatment which I have blog about it before. One of my favourite brand for scalp and hair care. If you have not read about it you can click this link.

I was expecting the salon to look or work like common salon I used to go but it look totally different. It has few different rooms, a very private treatment room for individual clients. The salon is a little bit cold but worry not as they will provide you hot tea with warm blanket. See I am tucked comfortably underneath this soft and warm blanket… It like a nice hair spa place like that… Entering this salon makes me feel like tai tai (rich woman) life like that..


Treatment Details

Treatment Name : Hair Scalp Diagnosis
Price : RM 488
Where : Fancier Hair Spa, Lot No. S109 & S110, 2nd floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre. 285, Jalan Maarof., Kuala Lumpur
Contact No: +603-2011 6838 / +6011 2638 3101

The Scalp Treatment

There is two section in the room, one is where I lied down for them to use machine and product to apply on my hair and another section is where they wash my hair.  So during the treatment, I can lie down comfortably need not to sit up straight… I fell asleep during the treatment because their hair massage is so relaxing… Before the treatment begin, the staff brought me to analyse my hair scalp in a separate room and describe in detail on my scalp problem… Look at my hair scalp, so red and mostly are blocked by dirt and chemicals. Red hair scalp usually means sensitive scalp cause by hair chemical treatment or stress.


Then I move to another room (the same room in the picture above)  to proceed with the scalp hair treatment. The staff will first place a warm blanket on top of me and then ask if I want any drinks. Oh and if you are hungry they have food too…. On my recent visit, I was so so hungry… But you know la I already put on nice opaque red lipstick I do not want to look messy after eating.. The staff suggest me to drink milo but I say no later the milo stain will stained my red lip… The he said what about biscuit? I said errrr it will stuck in between my teeth gap I don’t like it…. The he offered me bread…. I was oh that’s great, he is really patient with my picky taste hahahaha….. Then he even offer a few bread type like cheese ones, those with raisins and those with nuts one… Woah I am really blown away by the choices available here… Feel like a princess here… I am so happy chewing the bread because I am that hungry hahaha…

DSC09207_thumb1 Happy face after eating the bread hehhe…

The staff first begin with scalp massage using a special comb to improve scalp blood circulation. Right after that product is apply to help peeling process which will remove all impurities from the scalp. After applying the product, the staff massage my head slowly to help open up pores….. Ahhhh the best feeling ever.. ><


Right after that, she uses a professional cleansing shampoo to cleanse my hair. After towel dry my hair, the uses First Light Therapy to further enhance blood circulation in the deeper layer of my scalp… Fuuhhh so high technology like that….


Here comes the most interesting part. The Oxygen Infusion Therapy will produce oxygen which will be supplied into the deep layer of my hair scalp. Oxygen helps to rejuvenate cell which will stimulate hair growth… More hair baby….. It’s has this sound of releasing gas when they were pumping oxygen into my scalp. I almost fall asleep during this step…. Then she apply Hair Essence onto my scalp along with scalp massage to help absorption. Next step is the Second Light Therapy. This light will help to further enhance absorption and to sooth the sensitive scalp.


p/s: sorry my face look a bit funny and weird here..I guesss I am so sleepy plus the light make my skin colour look weird haha..

Finally, she spray hair protein on my hair and blow dry my hair…. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes in total for the entire process.

It is advisable to go for continuous treatment for about 5 time in total in 2 weeks gap for the first few time and later a month gap. After the 5 treatment, you will be able to see clear improvements. As I am typing this post I just went for second time only.. I will update on the second time treatment results in a separate post. Many people does not really take care of their hair but they do take care on their skin a lot. Most people visit facial on regular basis but how rare you see woman go hair treatment on regular basis? According to Jolyn, she said our hair scalp is also like our skin. Due to stress and various product we apply or chemical treatment we do on our hair it require to be cleanse and treated on regular basis just like facial for our skin. Therefore, it’s advisable to go for hair scalp treatment once a month. Most of the people only find solution when their hair problem become too serious like major hair falls and by that time it can be too late to be treated. It still can be treated at Fancier Hair Spa but takes longer time and more effort too..

Cindys Thought

I was really surprised by the results… Holyshit… My hair feel so softtttttttt, it’s been a year or two since I last have such texture on my hair (the moment I start bleaching, my hair become dry and fizzy). After this treatment my scalp become so clear and not oily anymore even not washing hair for a day…. Look at my clear scalp in picture below..


My hair root and ends both feel soft… Even my fiancé can feels it.. The changes is really drastic. The results lasted quite long but oily scalp returns in 3-4 weeks. You can see my scalp before and after treatment. After the treatment my scalp is clear and no longer sensitive, it will let more new hair to grow out.


I also find that their treatment are using cutting edge technology which is something really new to me and I like the idea of pumping oxygen onto my scalp… The oxygen really rejuvenating as I feel asleep as she pump more and more oxygen on my scalp. I don’t know I felt like my head is less heavy that time…. Only set back is that my hair fall only reduce a little on first week then it goes back to the normal hair fall rate. Also I find it can be quite pricey as need to go once a month but the results is really good… I will need to complete the 5 time treatment to justify the price paid. Aside from that I must say their hospitality is really top notch!!! I can’t wait to return for my 3rd diagnosis hehhe… The tea that is served there taste so good too…

Ok I guess I have to stop here.. Thank you so much for reading my reviews…. Let me know if you girls planning to tryout their scalp treatment ya…

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